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Zagg (ZAGG) Tops Q4 Earnings and Revenue Estimates

Morphine is a brand name of the company ZAGG and is the no one external battery brand that is situated in the US has announced the launch of a new PowerStation, which is XL wireless and is very easily available. It has multiple features in it and some of those features are built-in I universal input and output which is wireless in its type, fast charging USB-C input and output port, and a lightning input. All these features help in making this PowerStation, which are wireless XL, comfortable, and easy to use. These PowerStation helps in charging the iPhone and other Apple devices to charge quickly.

According to the vice president of ZAGG stock at , to round the PowerStation line it delivers some of the convenient charging things that are wireless and even some of the USB-C charging devices are also delivered. All these actions are specially done to meet all the demands of the people that are using devices of Apple Company. The PowerStation that are launched in the market are very stylish and high in their functional capabilities and this is due to the metallic perimeter and the high gloss that makes the top surface of these power stations.

The morphine PowerStation wireless XL provides the 10,000mAh battery in the mobile phones of the iPhone. This helps in increasing the life of the phones and can be used for 55 hours after they are fully charged.

The feature of Lightning input that is present in PowerStation wireless XL helps in providing the ability to recharge the battery of PowerStation with the help of the same cable that is entered in the device of Apple to charge them. If another option is considered to recharge the PowerStation then USB-C port can be also helpful. There are some of the additional features present in the morphine PowerStation wireless XL and they are:

  • Priority+ charging- This feature helps in charging the device first and then think of charging the PowerStation.
  • Integrated LED power indicator- There are four lights in it and all those four lights blink when they display the charging status of the device and about the battery life that is in present.
  • Triple-test certified lithium-polymer batteries- The product of the PowerStation is passed under three stages to check its quality and to see what they can do. These are also done to check and ensure whether they produce unmatched outputs, build quality and efficient products. They have long-lasting performance and anyone can rely on it.

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