Why should you invest in a new garage door?

When thinking about renovation or house repairs, the one thing that is usually neglected is your garage door. Even though being the most significantly visible part of your house and its entrance, people tend to neglect the fact that the garage door might need an upgrade too.

Now why would someone spend money on a garage door when it is not exactly a part of your house where you spend most of your time? But this is where most of us are mistaken. Your garage door doesn’t only keep your car safe but also adds up to the curb appeal of your house. So, it should not only serve the generic purpose of holding up your car inside but there are multiple reasons you should invest in a modern garage door.


If you often observe problems with your garage doors like being jammed in extreme weather conditions or you have to wait for minutes to get it open or close then it is most likely that your garage door needs to be replaced asap. Surprisingly garage door replacement seems like a huge investment but if we zoom into the numbers it will just cost you for about 0.7% of the total value of a house.

However, modern garage doors are one of the items that adds up to the ROI about 91%. So, you should definitely consider replacing to increase the net worth of your house.


Imagine coming to your house after long tiring day and cringing over the ugly rotten garage door that takes ages to fully open up and makes unpleasant noises while it shuts. No wonder it would be such a turn off.

Apart from that uncalled visitors or your guests when comes to your house, the garage door can’t go unnoticed hence it could leave a really bad first impression. So, add up to your curb appeal and get a modern garage door for a beautiful look to your house.


Old garage door risks safety of your house as well as your car. In U.S every year lots of houses are robbed by the burglars and the most common area where they barge in first is the garage. An old garage door can easily be broken into risking your safety hence you should replace the worn off garage door with a solid new one with proper and new hinges and joints so it is hard for anyone to break into.


Don’t get confused with the term, you do not need to have any electrical and smart garage doors for energy efficiency however such doors guarantee more benefits than the manual ones. You can either go for smart doors or for manual is your personal preference.

Now let us see how new garage doors become energy efficient. U.S is in such region of the world that faces extreme weather conditions every year. And people spend lots of sum on HVAC to maintain an optimum temperature. Poor maintained and old garage doors tend to lose the air produced through the gaps and cracks it has incurred over the years hence increasing the over all bill units.

This is when new garage doors come to rescue. New garage doors will be properly insulated according to your needs after consultation with a professional installer. It will trap the air and won’t let it escape hence lower chances of increased bill.


As mentioned earlier, U.S faces extreme weather conditions every year due to which garage doors seem to get stuck or get worn off due to moisture hence gets really annoying. New garage door will be properly insulated and durable against weather condition and will also keep your garage and car safe and under balanced temperature.


Many of us can relate to the irritating sounds that we have to bear when we open garage doors. These noises can occur due to minor problem that could be repaired such as loosen hinges or rotten joints. However, these timely repairs can cost you way more time and money than you should spend. You can get consultation from an expert to know if it is better to replace the door or the door could be repaired helping it last for a long time.  A modern garage door would set you free from all such annoying havocs while opening or closing the door and who would not want a noiseless entrance to the garage after a day end.


Budget is the most important part to consider whenever you are thinking to make any investment. Minor repair needs could be met easily without affecting your monthly bills. However, if your garage door is too old and need repairs often than it is advised to replace as it would be more budget friendly than usual repairs that you might need to get.  You can get an expert consultation by Modern Garage Doors and also can get your garage door replaced at affordable price. They are the best in business.


After considering all the above factors we hope you would be able to pick the best suitable garage door and all ready to welcome a modern garage door.