Why is PRP Therapy So Effective?

Premature hair loss or unprecedented baldness can affect anybody’s self-confidence. To not let that feeling take over, individuals prefer PRP therapy or platelet-rich plasma therapy. This technique helps in stimulating new hair growth and can enhance the thickness of your hair. With the process not being largely invasive, the root cause of your hair loss can be addressed right away. There can be long-term results if the therapy is conducted rightly. Before getting this therapy done, know about why you are losing hair and how the therapy can help you out.

Reasons behind losing your hair?

There are many reasons why individuals suffer from hair thinning or hair loss. This can affect not only your scalp but your entire body. The reasons can be hereditary or aging. Besides these, here are some other factors which might lead to hair fall:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Intrusive medication
  • Underlying medical conditions that have ongoing treatment

These reasons can be best addressed through PRP therapy as it analyzes the root cause and cures it. Severe cases of hair loss can be treated with PRP by combining other therapies.

How is PRP promoting hair growth?

The PRP is effective as compared to other therapies because it originates right from your blood. The plasma extracted from your body is used for the treatment. The plasma contains 17 different growth factors that help to stimulate the growth of newer and healthier cells. It replaces the old and damaged ones and cellular restructuring is induced. 

When this method is used for treating hair loss, it stimulates the inactive hair cells present in the scalp. The plasma injection re-energizes the cells and triggers the growth of new hair. This therapy must be targeted to specific areas of the scalp to derive the desired results. Hence, individuals need to consult the experts to create a custom treatment plan before injecting the PRP.

What does the process look like?

The PRP is the primary hair restoration treatment done using your blood. The blood is drawn out into tubes and is centrifuged. The spinning of blood separates the components and the plasma (PRP), which is then injected. The scalp is cleaned and topically numbed in multiple cases before the injections are carried out.

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