Why Do You need the Alcohol Rehabs

Parties, aperitifs, starting drinks, cocktails, consolation, birthdays, all occasions are good to get together for a drink. But sometimes, occasional consumption for pleasure is regular to the point of gradually turning into addiction. Here is some information and advice on what can become a thorny problem, or even, let’s call a spade a spade, alcoholism. The alcohol rehab is an important choice there.

How to cure alcohol addiction?

In this country, the economic contributions of alcohol are strong resources for the country. The wine industry alone generates a turnover of 15 billion dollars. However, alcohol is taking its toll. And too often we have the impression that the problem affects others, that we are far from being affected by alcoholism.

But can you go to a dinner without drinking alcohol? Do you know how to enter a bar without ordering one or more alcoholic drinks? Do you like to feel tipsy? Ask yourself these questions and take stock.

Alcoholism: How do You know if You Are addicted to alcohol?

If among the following symptoms, you recognize yourself in at least 3 situations, then you must act drastically:

Increased tolerance: You hold alcohol better and better.

Withdrawal symptoms: You have trouble stopping my alcohol consumption, and a need sets in tendency to tremors, a strong feeling of anxiety, sweating, even epilepsy occurs when stopping alcohol.

Difficulty controlling: You have trouble controlling how much alcohol you actually drink.

Supply concerns: drinking glasses is becoming one of my main concerns.

Persistent and unsuccessful desire to reduce or interrupt consumption: You often express the wish to stop all of this, but you cannot.

What is the maximum tolerable alcohol consumption threshold?

Before, we thought that the man could drink more than the woman without danger. In reality, the tolerance threshold for health is a maximum of 2 glasses of alcohol per day i.e. 24 g of pure alcohol; Be careful, for pregnant women and children, we stick to zero consumption.

Why is it risky to consume alcohol?

It is believed that alcohol consumption and its health effects are never without risks, whether short-term or long-term. Thus alcohol modifying the perception that one has of things distances, reflexes, character, it is estimated that in the short term, its consumption can be responsible for accidents for oneself or for others, due to a poor assessment of the risks one runs or takes, sometimes with the loss of self-control especially in the event of “baking”, a significant one-off consumption. In the long term, regular and excessive alcohol consumption promotes or even causes many diseases, sometimes serious, sometimes fatal, such as cirrhosis of the liver, certain cancers and certain cardiovascular diseases. In short, we do not have much to gain from it and it is not a question of minimizing the risks in order to avoid them.

What are the causes of alcoholism?

All drugs, including alcohol, cause a “reward mechanism” in the brain. Every time a person uses a drug they feel good, which usually makes them want to use it again. If you use a substance regularly, your body will need to take in larger and larger amounts to achieve the same effect. This phenomenon is called tolerance, and it can be addiction to drugs or alcohol. The rehab is the best place if you get addicted.