When To Quit Your Job

Getting a job is hard, and deciding to quit can be even more difficult. But there are a few situations where quitting just makes sense, even if you’ve enjoyed your current position. Compare your situation to the following to help decide if it’s time to go.

It’s Dangerous

Some jobs are dangerous, and people need to do them anyway. However, consider if you’re willing to risk your health and safety for a job. Work-related injuries Oregon and elsewhere can result in a week off at best and be career-ending at worst.

If you’re tired of risking your life or health each day, you may want to look for a different job. Even if your job isn’t inherently dangerous, some employers don’t provide a safe environment, so it’s definitely time to leave.

It’s Far Away

A lot of people have a commute, but there’s a difference between a 20-minute commute and a two-hour commute. If you have to travel a long way to and from work, and it’s causing you to miss time with your family, look elsewhere.

The average commute time is about half an hour. If you’re traveling for much longer than that to work, consider if it’s worth it. You may want to find something closer or consider moving closer to your work.

It’s Too Stressful or Too Boring

Work shouldn’t stress you out too much, but it also shouldn’t bore you to tears. If you’re experiencing either, consider looking for a different job. You can look for something that challenges you but that doesn’t require you to overwork yourself.

Balance is possible, and sometimes, you can achieve it in your current role. However, you may need to quit and find a new position.

Leaving a job is a tough decision to make, but sometimes it’s better for your physical or mental health. Keep these things in mind when considering if you should quit.