What You Should Look for in a Defense Lawyer

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If you need a defense attorney, choosing the right one may mean the difference between jail and freedom or high fines and settlements and no fines or settlements. Therefore, you need to choose a well-qualified, high-quality, experienced defense lawyer Columbus OH.

Experience and Specialization

Not only do you want a lawyer with extensive experience, but you should find one that specializes in your type of case. For example, if you are on trial for a crime, you want an experienced criminal defense attorney with a high success rate. Look for this type of experience on the law firm or lawyer’s professional website. Search for regular, consistent involvement in these types of cases.

You should also choose someone with years of experience in your local jurisdiction and in the courtroom. Search for someone well-known in the community because these relationships can impact your trial. In addition, different jurisdictions have different rules and processes, and you want an attorney that knows your court’s processes.

Response Time

A lawyer that does not respond within 24 hours of your contact may be too busy to take on your case. You need an attorney that has the time and resources to give you a five-star defense. This professional should be able to start on your case right away.

Arrange a meeting immediately after you receive a response. During the meeting, ask lots of questions about your case, the process, the fee schedule and anything you are unsure about. If the attorney cannot answer your questions quickly and accurately, without having to look the information up, don’t hire that lawyer. Defense lawyers should be able to explain the nuances of your case and fully understand the laws that apply.

Check References

Of course, you should ask for and check any prospective lawyer’s references. You should also contact the American Bar Association as well as your state bar, Better Business Bureau and your local chamber of commerce. Online reviews can also be helpful. Look for their ratings and outstanding complaints.

If you find yourself in need of a defense attorney, take time to research several candidates so you get the best lawyer for your case.