What You Need To Know About Creating Great Promotional Items

Promotional Products — Increase brand visibility and trust | by Alba  Huddleston | Medium

If you have ever been to a travel or trade show, it’s almost guaranteed that at least one company’s representative handed you something that was supposed to be a marketing gimmick, but was, in reality, basically a piece of garbage with their logo on it. While it’s true that people tend to love free stuff, not all promotional items are created equal. Whether it’s for a parade, as a free item at your store’s point of sale or a trade show, if you’re going to give away a promotional item, make sure it is something people would actually be excited about.

Make It Useful 

Too many businesses think that any free item will do, so they’ll slap their logo on anything cheap enough and think they’ve gotten the most bang for their buck out of their marketing budget. It’s important that your promotional items are not only useful, but relevant to your market. For example, if your business is in the tech industry, you could hand out promotional flash drives Clarksville TN. When you provide customers with practical products, you will increase your brand’s visibility: not only will customers be more likely to use the promotional item often, meaning they’ll see your logo more often, but hopefully their friends, family and coworker will see it as well.

Make It Stand Out

It’s common at trade shows for one company to have the “hot item” for the day — the item that attendees go out of their way to find. When you provide an interesting keepsake, people will talk about where they got it, and that kind of word-of-mouth advertising is money well spent. So the next time you are considering a promotional item, think about what kind of products your target customers would actually use regularly, and make sure it’s unique.

When it comes to promotional products, quantity does matter, but quality is just as important.