What to Know About Denver Personal Injury Law

In the event that you need the services of a dog bite lawyer Denver attorney, it can only mean that you are a victim of a dog attack and want to claim some compensation. In Colorado, there are laws that guide personal injury claims. Knowing that these laws can impact the way your claim is awarded, it is essential to know them and what they mean for your claim case.

Personal Injury Law

This law, also called the law of torts, refers to everything under the law that concerns claims for personal injury compensation. This law covers personal injuries arising from any source and provides a guide for the validity of a claim. Under Colorado laws, certain personal injury cases are not eligible to claim compensation. For example;

  • If you threaten, tease, or otherwise provoke a pet and it hurts you, you will not receive any compensation for damages suffered.
  • If you get injured by a police, security, or guard dog during a security operation or while the dogs are performing their duties, you cannot claim compensation. The only exception is if you can prove that the dog handler should not have set the dog on you in that circumstance.
  • If you are a dog handler in any official capacity and get injured by the dog, you cannot claim damages. However, security agencies provide some form of allowances for dog handlers.
  • If you exceed a particular period before filing claims, you cannot claim compensation. Under Colorado laws, victims have two years at most to file claims for any injury that they suffer. If two years elapse, the claim is no longer valid.

It is, therefore, necessary to have a dog bite lawyer Denver attorney explain the specific laws to you so that you can estimate your winning chances before committing funds into legal fees.

While it is possible to represent yourself in a claim case, it is always a great idea to hire lawyers who understand what the law is about and can win adequate compensation than you ever would. An attorney, for example, understands the various requirements that are common to claim cases. The attorney can thus prepare beforehand so that the case can be prosecuted without hitches.

You must find the best dog bite lawyer Denver attorney to represent you and win the compensation that will take away the financial burden of the bike accident.