What to Know About Buying a Leased Car


When it is time for returning the car after the lease duration is completed, you should decide whether to go with the idea of returning the car or to pay the amount and purchase the car for you. If you love the car that you have leased, then you can purchase it, and if not, then find another model to lease. 

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What to Consider while Planning to Buy a Leased Car 

You have to consider many aspects if you are either planning to return the leased car or to purchase the car that you have with you in the terms of the lease. 

Purchasing the car that you already have is an ideal choice as you are aware of the history of the car and also the car dynamics. You will have surely grown an attachment with the car in the past three years and you can consider this to your advantage while planning to buy the car. 

If you are a strict follower of the rules and will follow the schedule of oil changes, car services, car washing, maintenance, etc., then you are an ideal option to purchase the car that you already own in the terms of the lease. 

Purchasing the car that you have with you is an ideal choice if you have not maintained your car in a very good way. Instead of paying for the wear and tear and damages because of improper maintenance of the car, purchasing the car is an ideal choice. 

Most of the time, you will not have maintained the annual mileage limit as set by the car lease company. You will be paying extra charges for every 10,000 miles that you have exceeded in a year. The best way of escaping this charge is by purchasing a car. 

Charges for Buying a Leased Car 

The first question that you should ask is whether you are interested in buying a new car. If you find an excellent deal for you, then purchasing a new car is an ideal choice. You will find an option known as “buyback price” in the contract that you sign while leasing the car. This will explain the amount that you will be paying if at all you plan to buy the car in the future. 

Price Negotiations 

The leasing companies that are both the credit and bank union, then you can enjoy negotiating and also get some discounts in the buyback price. However, if the leasing company is a brand-specific leasing company, then there are higher chances of you paying the amount just as much that is referred to in the buyback price in the leasing contract. 

Before making any dealings with the leasing company, it is suggested to check their authentication in the market. This will save you from making any dealings or even losing your hard-earned money to the fake leasing companies.