What is Freight Forwarding Software?

With multiple stakeholders and an array of fragmented processes, it is an undeniable fact that freight forwarding is a complex business. In order to ensure that your business is efficient, the implementation of a cohesive system that can give you business functionality on an enterprise-wide basis, along with security in a cost-effective fashion, is imperative. Hence, to this end, businesses today are looking at freight forwarding software that is capable of meeting all your end-to-end needs.

Delving further into this, let us begin with answering the primary question – what is freight forwarding software?

Freight software is normally designed to help freight forwarders in managing all aspects of their operations such as consolidation, imports, exports, transhipment, etc. with the help of automation. Owing to their integrated capabilities, the software can help you in managing a vast array of processes like freight forwarding, sales, document sharing, invoicing, multimodal operations, CRM, etc. In fact, by the elimination of the need for stand-alone systems that can perform disparate functions, freight logistics software can help you in managing all sorts of global operations in a unified manner. Thus, by being able to use a singular platform, you are able to make your business much more time well as cost efficient which can go on in helping you improve your bottom line.

Having understood what a freight management system is, let us now look at how it can be beneficial for you as a freight forwarder:

  • The right software helps you in bringing in agility and also the ability to respond to all the changes that occur in the freight forwarding industry.
  • You are offered access to sophisticated functionalities, by way of the integration of your whole operation, its branches as well as the stakeholders involved, into a single platform. With an automated, dynamic, and flexible approach, businesses are able to leverage their freight forwarding software and be able to maximize their operational efficiency as well as profitability.
  • With an end to end logistic software, you can maintain both your domestic and international freights in terms of import and export management.
  • With the help of the right logistics ERP software, you can look at both your inbound and outbound operations for all modes i.e. air, land, and sea with ease. The software can also help you in handling all your inbound operations right from receiving your pre-alerts to the delivery of your orders – as well as your outbound operations starting from the bookings to consolidation, to shipments. Apart from this, you would also be receiving notifications on exceptions as well as customer alerts.
  • When integrated with other modules, you can have access to a seamless flow of information, which also helps in the elimination of redundant entry of data again and again, while facilitating the maintenance of department profit centres.
  • A freight logistic software can also help you in keeping an eye on credit limits, tracking, as well as providing status updates and reportage to customers. When you have your entire accounting process automated, with all your revenue operations such as recording of expenses, invoices, etc. covered, you are also able to prevent any sort of revenue leakage.
  • Last but not least, by gaining access to the best CRM for logistics, you are able to make sure that your customers receive complete visibility into the shipments, which enhances consumer satisfaction. Apart from this being able to answer all the queries as and when they are asked helps in making sure that you build a loyal base of customers.

For logistics companies, digital transformation is necessary in order to step up their services and using a freight management system is the right step towards it. Streamlining your processes, improving upon your productivity, along with being able to address your client’s concerns at a much-accelerated pace gives you a competitive edge in the market. Be it using a packaged solution or a fully customized system that has been created to your business’ specifications – whatever your choice might be, by using the right software for your business you capitalize on the chance of increasing your revenue and profit manifold.

If you’re on the lookout for a freight forwarding software that can benefit your business greatly, reach out to us at ShipThis and we will be happy to provide you with a free demo.