What Causes Dripping On The Faucet?

It is common to think that the reason for the drips is a poorly turned tap, but this is not always true. Leakage can be a sign of wear in the rubber seal inside the faucet and needs plumber service, the seal, also known as rubber. This part is found on the most common faucets; to fix it, change the part for a new one.

If your faucet is model ¼, instead of rubber, you will need to change a part called “repair.”

How To Repair The Faucet?

To end the drip, you need to follow a few steps.

1 – Close the site water valve; that maintenance valve is usually found in bathrooms, kitchens, service areas, or the water tank outlet.

2 – To disassemble the faucet and remove it from the sink, you will need a screwdriver to remove the screw or knob that holds it to the hose to gain access to the seal. Some faucets have the knob with a thread; if yours is the case, turn it to release it. If the doorknob is stuck, use pliers to help with the removal and cover the area with a cloth not to scratch the part or get wet.

3 – The seal is a small rubber disc; if not found, check if it is not inside the doorknob. When identifying the part, see if it is damaged or just slipped out of place.

4 – If the seal is damaged, remove it and replace it with a new one, which can be found in building supply stores.

5 – If that doesn’t solve it, or if your faucet is de and doesn’t have a seal, the problem is in the repair. The tip is to check, even before replacing the seal if the repair has any damage or crack in the case of the common faucet. If present, skip the sealing step and remove the repair. In other words, it comes out of the faucet entirely and needs to be taken to a home improvement store so that you can purchase an identical piece that fits perfectly on your faucet.

6 – Another possibility is that the leakage is caused only by dirt. If there is no damage to the seal or repair, check the parts for dust or slime and clean. You can still disassemble the repair to clean it, removing a small lock with a screwdriver at its end. After removing this lock, push the repair pin to release the parts from the part. Remember to observe the order of the repair parts to be able to assemble them later. Inside the repair, you will see that the metal pin has three small rubber rings similar to the seal: if worn, they must be replaced.

How To Assemble The Faucet After Repair?

Problem solved? See how to get your faucet ready to use again.

1- Screw the repair onto the faucet.

2 – Fit the protective cover.

3 – Secure the finishing pieces.

4 – Fix the part with the screw (handle).

5 – Connect the coupling hose to the tap thread.

Now you can connect the coupling hose to the tap thread, now that you know how to fix your faucet, how about learning about tests that can be done to identify leaks and getting tips on the ideal materials for your plumbing installation. You can also request for a same day service from plumbers.