What Are The Best Volleyball Shorts?

Volleyball is a high-octane sport where players are constantly in motion. It requires bursts of speed in various directions to hit the ball or prevent it from hitting the floor. Athletes need to jump, run, and stretch for up to five sets with each set lasting around 30 minutes. Players need clothes that can keep up with them and help them perform. Volleyball uniforms have changed a lot over time with a definite trend towards streamlined designs and advanced fabrics. Those who want to find what are the best volleyball shorts should check out college teams and professional athletes to see what they are wearing. Below are some vital features to look for when buying some:


Loose clothes with excess fabrics can get in the way when playing hard. The shorts should hug the body and provide compression. Studies have also shown that compression clothing can hasten recovery through improved blood flow which is important when undergoing intense training or playing successive games in a tournament. Players are less likely to get injured or fatigued. Instead, they will perform consistently at a high level. Of course, compression is not enough. They must also get ample sleep, sports massage, and nutritious food. Everything done between games affect what happens during the games.


Compression should not mean suffocation. The shorts have to use fabrics that expand when necessary to provide a snug but comfortable presence. In fact, it would be ideal if you don’t feel it at all as your body gets used to the slight pressure. Manufacturers use breathable fabrics that allow air to cool the skin and prevent body temperature from rising too much during game play. Moisture is wicked so sweat is not a problem. The beads dry up right away so wearers do not feel sticky throughout the match. It should feel smooth and silky against the skin with no friction that could cause chaffing.


Stitching must be of a high quality to prevent holes and tears from developing. Players are constantly on the move so the stress on the seams can cause damage. Cheap shorts might not be able to cope with this level of activity. It is vital to get athletic apparel from trusted brands or at least those with excellent reviews. The thickness of the fabric is also important not only for modesty but also for durability. After all, these will go through the washer frequently. Holes may appear after a while in low quality items.


The fit of the shorts is crucial. The waistband should not be too tight that it prevents the player from breathing freely or causes the wearer some stomach discomfort. On the other hand, it should not be too loose that it slips down as a game progresses. This will be too distracting that it can affect performance negatively. The same is true for the area around the legs which sometimes have silicone to prevent them from riding up. The rise must be perfect for the player wearing it.