What Are The Best Beaches in Davao?

Davao is popular for its beautiful and crystalline beaches where you can relax for the whole day. The city boasts of many museums, parks and other recreational centers which keeps you engaged throughout your trip. But the beaches are to die for! Davao is ideal for a summer vacation in the Phillipines. From breathtaking sunsets and adventurous water sports, you can do it all in Davao. It will be a holiday that you have always looked up to! There are a lot of hotels in Davao, so accommodating yourself won’t be a problem. Now, take a look at these 4 amazing beaches in Davao where you must visit.

Dahican Beach – only a 4 hours drive from Davao, Dahican is the most popular beach here. It is flocked by adventure freaks who want to engage themselves in different water sports. You can easily spend the day at this beach enjoying your favorite drinks by the shade or participating in jet skiing, parasailing or other sports. You can also hire a surfboard and go surfing! The tropical beauty and blue waters will surely keep you awe-inspired for most part of the time.

Kaputian Beach – pretty close to Davao City, the Kaputian beach is known for its ravishing white sands and crystal clear waters. It offers the perfect retreat to anyone looking to enjoy their summer vacations. The shoreline mixes with the blue water and creates a stunning view during the sunset. There are many pubs and beachside eateries where you can enjoy the local seafood and other cuisines that you would want to try. If you want to stay overnight, you have the option to rent a small cottage on the beach itself.

Canibad Beach – this crescent shaped beach can bring you close to nature like no other. You will see there are many cozy cottages lining up the shore which is available for rent. The peaceful ambiance and topical makeover of the beach offers an extraordinary recluse to you always. Collect some seashells along the beach and click pictures of the beautiful horizon at sunset. Don’t forget to join a party at one of the pubs that line the beach and enjoy the whole night to the fullest.

Gumasa Beach – four to five hours drive from Davao City, Gumasa Beach is a must visit if you want to see white sand by the shore. This beach is also known as the small Boracay of Mindanao. The pure blue waters and uncrowded shores make it a great place for those who want privacy. However, it is a party destination during the Sarangani Bay or Sarbay Festival. It is the biggest beach party in the entire Davao. You can drop by during that time for amazing fun!

Here are the top 4 beaches that you must visit in Davao and make your vacation a memorable one. It is always recommended to book your hotels beforehand if you are visiting Davao during any festival or the peak tourist season.