Viva Harsha Impresses With His Talk Show On AHA

Looking for an entertaining talk show? Have you started watching Tamasha with Harsha? Telugu talk shows and web series are recent introductions gaining quick recognition among the audience. The Telugu cinema industry is already at the peak of acclaim. With originals and shows coming in, its popularity is spreading country-wide. Ever wondered why Telugu contents are these widespread? The industry has constantly been exploring and experimenting with various elements for accumulating larger engagement rates.

The Telugu industry produces countless commercial movies. The prime feature of such films constitutes famous casts and clever plots. The industry has access to devoted fans that keep it going despite a few flops. Regional content has gathered rising fame with the launch of local OTT platforms. OTT platforms have necessitated the production of consistent and new content periodically.

A lot of Telugu cinema, especially during covid-19, have been premiered over OTT sites and continue to do so. Telugu shows are a fresh break from make-believe storylines and pretty insightful. Web series watch online searches are no more exhausting with active OTT sites at your service!

Tamasha with Harsha – A roast riot!

Tamasha brings to you episodes of unlimited laughter and fun banters. The quirky Telugu talk show is hosted by Comedian HarshaChemudu with new updates every Friday. Talk shows have been a much-loved genre across nations and viewers. These shows are a break from stereotypes and provide burning humor with an intriguing peek into celebrity lives. The show has so far featured prominent faces like NiharikaKonidela, Navdeep, KarthikGummakonda, and Sandeep Raj.

HarshaChemudu is a reputed comedian and YouTuber who became a sensation after his viral show Viva. Hence the name Viva Harsha. Tamasha with Harsha is a recent addition to his achievements that got premiered on AHA in 2020. Harsha has been a witty host offering savage liners and funny antics. The show features actors and directors who are interviewed and a cast full of interesting performers. The talk-sketch-comedy show is gripping and informative with an energetic cast and sporting guest celebrities.

AHA – Unrestricted streaming at a user-friendly rate

Discover a plethora of Telugu movies, shows, series, and originals exclusively available on AHA. It is a local OTT platform that offers refreshing and updated content across genres. OTT apps and sites are the new streaming platforms with multiple device adaptability. The popularity of OTT sites can be attributed to convenient accessibility to routine entertainment.

Similar to regional apps such as Adda Times and Regal Talkies, AHA too provides for endless content for their target audience. AHA is a step-up from regular OTT platforms with its ad-free offer that is bliss for Telugu movie-lovers. Regional content platforms are not just inclusive to their specific target viewers but engage in the audience from other parts as well.

AHA provides on-demand videos at minimal rates as per their quarterly and monthly subscription plans. AHA subscription lets you avail a lot of premium content, which is not accessible for unsubscribed users. AHA is currently offering various offers for a discounted purchase. Now, avail the yearly entertainment package for only Rs. 1 per day on aha for a chucklesome time!