Various Fun Activities in Wakatobi National Park

Indonesia is a country rich in natural resources. The government has taken various ways to preserve natural resources, including managing them into a tourist destination such as national park.

A national park is a nature conservation area created by the government. Ecosystems in national parks are native ecosystems. Flora and fauna in the national park are protected because most of their existence is almost extinct.

One of the national parks that you need to visit is Wakatobi National Park. Not only offers natural beauty on land, but Wakatobi is also a paradise for ocean lovers. You will be amazed to see the underwater.

Wakatobi National Park Attractions

The name Wakatobi is an acronym for the four major islands in Southeast Sulawesi. The four are Wangi-wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko. The most famous natural beauty in Wakatobi is its underwater beauty which even makes Wakatobi a favorite tourist destination for divers.

Wakatobi’s background, which relies on marine tourism, makes the government actively develop the tourism sector. The government itself has divided Wakatobi National Park into three marine tourism zones. The first is the coastal zone or coastal area, the second is the sea zone, which prioritizes island-to-island tourism using a yacht or cruise, and the third is the underwater zone.

Based on the division of the zone, there are nine interesting things you can do when you visit later.

  1. Snorkeling and Diving

In Wakatobi National Park, there are 750 corals out of 850 coral species in the world. Besides coral, Wakatobi also has 942 species of fish with a coral reef area of ​​90,000 hectares. For this area on the island of Sulawesi, marine tourism is one of the pillars of the local economy. Therefore, the management is carried out very seriously to be comfortable in snorkeling and diving here.

If you want to see the underwater treasures here, you should visit in March and November. Apart from possible weather factors, you will see other unique things. Every November, the sea of ​​Wakatobi National Park will be visited by a herd of sperm whales who usually spend a month in Wakatobi because the seas in other parts of the world are frozen.

Don’t forget to bring an underwater camera so you can capture the underwater beauty of Wakatobi. If you don’t have it, don’t worry because you can still rent it when you arrive at the snorkeling or diving spot.

Sombu Beach, Onemohute, Hoga Island, Tomia Island, and Binongko Island have their favorite snorkeling and diving spots. Take it easy, one island has many spots. So you will not fight with other visitors.

  1. Explore and hunt for photos on exotic islands

In addition to the underwater world, the mainland of Wakatobi National Park is also beautiful. You can visit many exotic islands there while hunting for photos, sunsets, or sunrises. If you like tranquility, you can try exploring Hoga Island.

This quiet island has a stretch of soft white sand and clear beach water. A calm atmosphere also makes your stress immediately disappear. The Peak of Heaven on Tomia Island is a favorite spot for photographers. You can capture the beauty of the sunset combined with the view of Wakatobi from a height.

You can also go around Lake Sombano, a lake in the middle of a mangrove forest with clear water that always tempts visitors. Unfortunately, this is not allowed by local residents. According to legend, a black crocodile in this lake is feared to come to the surface when you swim in the lake.

You can also try adrenaline tours on Cemara Island. This island provides many water games such as banana boats. The beach is also beautiful to capture, especially in the afternoon.

  1. Get to know the myth of the matchmaking pool

Kontamale Cave is one of 12 caves in Wakatobi located in Wanci, Wangi Wangi. This cave is also known as Goa Telaga because the water at the cave’s lip resembles a lake. But what makes this cave famous is not only its natural beauty. There is a myth that goes with it.

Reportedly, if you bathe in the pool in the cave, you will easily mate. This myth originated from the news that said in the past, some lovers were difficult to marry. Then the two went to Goa Kontamale to bathe in the pool. After bathing, they mutually agreed to marry, and their parents gave their blessing. The truth, of course is still a mystery to this day. Singles should try to visit here. Even if you don’t want to take a bath in the pool, you can get cute photos of the stalactites that adorn the cave walls.

  1. Take a peek at the turtle’s island

In Wakatobi National Park there is an uninhabited island. Turtles only inhabit the island with the name Thousand Turtle Island located on Anano Beach. It is called the Thousand Turtles because there are colonies of green turtles and hawksbill turtles that stop laying their eggs on this island. Both are two protected animals. For the sake of preserving and protecting both of them, they are finally free to live on this island. So you could say this island is indeed an island belonging to turtles.

  1. Chat with blacksmiths

Another name for Wakatobi is the Archipelago of Tukang Besi. This nickname was given because people are good at processing iron into various tools. Wakatobi is also known as a producer of quality traditional kris.

Blacksmiths are scattered in several areas of Wakatobi, but the most popular is on Binongko Island. You can mingle with the blacksmiths while watching their process of making tools. In addition to adding insight, you can also get to know more about the culture and habits of local residents.

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