Use containers for a long-distance move

Long distance moving containers are the answer when you are planning to move a long distance. This is especially true if you are moving overseas and your belongings will be moved by boat.

There are two basic sizes for long distance moving containers, The 20-foot long version is essentially the size of a single-car garage.  A garage often becomes a storage shed, so you may have an idea of what will fit in there.  These containers hold about 7,000 pounds.

Forty-foot long distance moving containers are the size of a double-car garage. The 40-foot version is big, and not all companies can move these long distance moving containers. If you use one of these you will have to make arrangements to get it moved from your property to a truck that can handle one of this size.  These hold about 14,000 pounds. Regardless of size, make arrangements for moving the container before you take delivery of the container.

There are also 10-foot containers and in some cases, you can get them made to a specific size, though this is expensive and takes time. if you do not fill one up all the way, you can put something there, or partition it in such a way to prevent your items from moving while being shipped.

The best plan is to get one of these containers delivered to your home, so you may pack it at your leisure without deadlines. You may be having to make hard decisions about what to pack and what to leave behind. You could also try packing things differently to see how that affects the space available. It is important to remember your items will be going a long way, and there will be some shifting and jostling of the boxes. Make sure you pack everything securely so it will not be damaged.

For airfreight, there are containers that are about 4.5 feet square. These hold about 500 pounds and are the size of a small walk-in closet. They are best for smaller items.

There are specialty containers as well. Some open from the side, some from the top.  There are also refrigerated containers. Many people also insulate their containers. This can be done the same way you would insulate a room in your house. You can use regular insulation or a spray-on version.

Some companies also offer the option of selling you the container. This means the container will be delivered to your new home and it will be yours to do with as you please. If you do not want to own the container, you may use a container from the shipping company.