Types of Rings for Men and Women 

Finger rings are a very essential component of jewellery and everyone loves adorning their fingers with rings of their choice. Although women are known to have more likeness towards wearing rings it somewhat remains the same for men too. There are many different kinds of rings that men and women can wear to enhance the appearance of their fingers or rather the entire palm itself. Let us know more about the types of rings available for men and women:

Diamond rings 


These rings are the most classy engagement ring for women as well as men. They show off a diamond as the main focus of the jewellery piece. Diamonds can be availed in a lot of different colours and cuts.

Gold rings 

Gold has been traditionally the standard choice for a finger ring as well as other jewellery models. You can choose white gold, yellow gold, or even rose gold metal for your jewellery. However, pure gold is generally labelled as 24k gold and it is costlier than the 22k gold price.

Class rings 

Class rings generally represent the milestones you have crossed in your life, such as your school year 9r graduation year. They symbolize your affiliation and are a memorable thing to keep.

Wedding rings 

Both women, as well as men, mostly wear a wedding ring in a lot of cultures. These rings or bands are made out of any metal. Mostly, these rings are ordinary metal, but the others have a lot more adornment which depends totally on the taste of the couple who will wear it.

Moissanite Rings 

These rings are probably the most uncommon kind of rings on this list. Moissanite is a mineral which occurs organically and it makes an excellent piece of attraction for a ring. It can be availed from nature in its raw form, but then has to be scientifically processed.

Silver rings 

Silver is another fabulous choice of metal for the finger ring of a man or woman. Mostly, jewellery made up of steel is considered stainless steel. This is a mixture of chromium and steel for fending off the tarnishing nature of the silver.

Birthstone Rings 

Many people wear birthstone rings which are allotted to them every month of the year. It can be seen very commonly since a lot of people wear these birthstone rings. There are many kinds of birthstone rings which can also be the ideal gold ring for girls

Platinum rings 

Platinum rings are carved out of some precious jewellery metals and that is why they are way more expensive than the gold and silver jewelleries. The colour of this metal makes it look similar to silver with just a bit more shine and a mellow shade.

These are the Different types of rings for men and women. Each one of them differs from the rest and they have got a unique and chic design. You can buy your favourite finger ring from any reputed jewellery shop near you or you can also try the several online websites for purchasing jewellery.