Trying to Find the Right Pizza House that Offers Best Deals and Mouth Watering Flavors – Then, Here’s the Guide That’ll Help You

Surprisingly delicious and filling, pizzas are the ultimate hunger subsiders that you can munch on with or without an occasion. However, the taste certainly depends upon how it’s baked and how fresh it is. Which is why you should buy one from reputable pizza houses like the livraison Double Pizza place in Montreal. This is one of the very best pizza hubs that delivers in over 30 places in Montreal. Some of the reasons that their pizzas taste so good are listed below. 

  • The bakers knead the dough as and when they get the orders. Which means that the pizza base is cooked fresh – it’s not a pre-stored item; hence, it tastes super crispy and light. 
  • Using fresh herbs, veggies, and meats is the USP that makes this pizza house better than most. 
  • They give quality just as much value as the taste.

That said, some of their money saving combo deals that you’ll love have been compiled below. 

  1. The Pick up Special Deal

This deal continues on all seven days of the week. As the name suggests, you can get your hands on this one if you pick up your orders from the Double Pizza pizza house. 

This deal will make you eligible to buy:

  • A large pepperoni or cheese pizza at just 10.74 dollars. 
  • An all-dressed large pizza at just 13.74 dollars. 
  1. The C2 Combo Deal

This deal is available for online orders only. It’s one of the best money-saving combos – starting at just 23.99 dollars – that offers:

  • Any two medium pizzas of your choice. 
  • A pack of medium fries. 
  • One 2L bottle of Pepsi. 
  1. Game Night Special Deal

This is another attractive online combo deal by livraison Double Pizza. It starts at just 21.99 dollars and offers the following items as a combo. 

  • Any one large pizza of your liking. 
  • Eight juicy and crispy chicken wings. 
  • One pack of small fries. 
  • One sauce of your choice. 

Other than these three money saving combos, there’s one other benefit – listed below – of ordering from this pizza house. 

  • They offer loyalty points for online orders. Every 5 dollar is equivalent to 1 point. When you collect 30 points, you can use them to buy 1 large all-dressed pizza or any three toppings that you like from their range of toppings. 

So, if you are exploring the right places to eat pizzas in Montreal, then the Double Pizza livraison is one of the best pizza houses you’ll absolutely love.