Top Eight Cake Flavours Loved by All


Did anyone say vanilla? Or Chocolate or Red Velvet? Drooling already? Well, cakes are the true epitome of bliss and eternity. No matter what you are celebrating, Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine, New Year Party, Christmas, Get-together or Farewell. Having some cakes is always a good idea. But which one is your favourite cake flavour?

There are a plethora of options to choose from. So, let’s find out about all the mouth-watering cakes types that the baking world has grabbed us with, the eight most popular cakes that people love to eat.


Believe it or not, vanilla is the most popular and liked cake flavor. It can fit in any and every occasion. Because of its sweet taste and fragrance, it is loved by all. Buy Vanilla cakes online to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, or any occasion. It is always the right choice.


The chocolate flavour is ubiquitous, especially when you are celebrating kids birthday etc. You will find many chocolate cake flavours such as delicious Choco Chips Cake Premium Chocolate Nuts Cake, Rich Dark Chocolate Cake with Fresh Fruit and many more. Get online cake delivery in Hyderabad, Bangalore  or any other place and enjoy the luscious taste with your family and friends.

Red Velvet

The name is enough! Its dark red colour symbolizes expressing love towards your special ones. How can you miss a chance to make a special day with your sweetheart more special? Order a red velvet cake through online cake delivery and enjoy the moment.


Among all the cakes, pineapple flavours top the chart. Be it a birthday, Valentine’s Day or any other day, Pineapple Cake is a sweet addition to your relationship. Soft, dense and moist pineapple flavour never fails to impress the guests of your party.


Planning your kids birthday? Looking for a cake flavour? Why not try strawberry? Kids mostly like the taste of strawberries due to its sweet taste. Add joy and happiness to the occasion of your special ones by including a savoury strawberry cake.

Coffee and Cream Cake

The taste is completely to die for! This cake is perfect for a birthday party. Everyone who likes coffee and chocolate loves this cake. The enhancing flavour of the coffee along with the cream, will create a deadly combination that will add flavour to the party.


Lemon has a delicious taste, and many would agree. Of all the cake flavors, lemon is super delicious and unique. It can be a taste for a fancy birthday or wedding cake and can be ordered from a good bakery online.


You are always right with the decision to buy Mango flavored cake. A cake made from a rich combination of mango and saffron is perfect for any celebration. Its sweet taste will keep the smile on your and your face. For any small to big celebration, this is the best solution and can be loved by anyone.

So, these were the top cake flavors that fit in any occasion and you don’t have to think twice before ordering any of these.