Top 5 ITIL Certifications (Cost, Prerequisites, Exams)


ITIL is usually known as Information-Technology – Infrastructure-Library, it’s an outstanding structure to manage the delivery of IT services throughout the globe. ITIL demonstrates a model of service lifespan which recommends precise activities as well as procedures in the duration of delivery, designing, growth, and support of the services of IT. In a meanwhile, the services of ITIL are ultimately those IT activities which offer the value of the business to the end consumers of company, clients along with different external and internal shareholders.

However, ITIL certification training has numerous advantages which include the minimum budget of service improvement or deployment, enhance the satisfaction from customer side with the delivery of services, increase the output from personnel of IT, maintain the standard of quality, manage the services in a better way and also increase the suppleness when they adapt the services with the purpose to change the demands of the business.

Top 5 ITIL Certifications

ITIL Foundation Certification

This Foundation cert highlights the fundamentals of ITIL and this is the certification where mostly beginners take the start of their learning procedure of ITIL and then get certified. There is not as such a requirement in this certification program, therefore any person who has an interest in a similar field can go and get them enrolled. The preparation of this ITIL cert exam would be achieved with the options of distance-learning or via classrooms, along with the option of self-study too. A person doesn’t need to complete their course first then get them enrolled in this examination. This examination comprises total forty MCQs which have to be answered within sixty minutes along with achieving a grade that must be 65%, or else twenty-six right answers, on account to clear this examination.

Even though this certification highlights 2 practice zones of the service lifespan of ITIL, which includes the ways of several stages of the lifecycle are associated with each other. The expert of IT who just done with this ITIL Foundation cert would require to accomplish further certification such as Intermediate or Practitioner before going to apply for the positions of service-management.

ITIL Practitioner

This Practitioner cert of ITIL is the most advanced ticket to the scheme of ITIL cert. This ITIL Practitioner examination was initially offered in February 2016. As indicates by name, the cert is relying on technical information of the processes of ITIL and the ways where these principles are going to be executed in the actual world. The Practitioner of ITIL would clarify the ways where we can utilize the ITIL structure to assist the goals of the business and keep focusing on the changes in organization management and make communications.

This Practitioner cert seems another phase in the development of ITIL as soon as you complete the certificate of ITIL Foundation that is a basic requirement. It focuses on the capability to accept, familiarize and implements the core concepts of ITIL within the organization. Even though the cert of Practitioner isn’t necessary for the higher level ITIL certificates, getting this certification offers 3 credits to the experts of ITIL cert.

ITIL Intermediate

This Intermediate cert is a module-based certification; every module keeps focusing on several features of the management of the services of IT. Few of the modules are characterized as the Service-Capability or Service-Lifecycle. It must be noted that you have to do with the preparation of Intermediate level examination by accomplishing a course that is being provided by Accredited-Training-Organization, that is, you are not allowed to do study by your own after that get yourself enrolled for the examination of Intermediate.

ITIL Expert

The certification is the advanced level certification which includes the extensiveness and deepness of the practices and procedures of ITIL throughout the entire ITIL disciplines. The certification of ITIL Expert is necessary for certification of ITIL Master. To meet the requirements for certifications of ITIL Expert, you’re required to get minimum seventeen credits from the modules of ITIL Foundation, ITIL Practitioner and ITIL Intermediate, also clear the examination of Managing-Across-the-Lifecycle.

ITIL Master

This highpoint certificate of ITIL Master reveals the capability to put on the framework of ITIL in actual-world scenarios. It includes the entire procedures and principles of ITIL which are being highlighted in Foundation via Expert certs. This ITIL Master certification should validate the whole competence of the frame of ITIL by accomplishing these:

  • Accomplish the cert of ITIL Expert
  • Validate a minimum of 5 years of relevant experience of ITIL in an area of administration or any management role
  • Give in to a plan for service development
  • Give in to a proposal which authenticates your capability to put on the principles of ITIL to the actual world business environment, encompassing effective influences to the services of the business
  • Effectively done with an interview along with the panel of ITIL assessment

The price of this is 4,000 U.S dollars, and you are required to pay this amount as soon as your first application was accepted by EI. In the meanwhile, getting this cert shows that you have achieved a high level of accomplishment in your required field.

Benefits of ITIL certifications

ITIL digital-services are very popular nowadays; numerous organizations are going to buy and then sell such digital services, as an alternative of perceptible, weighty, modified options. ITIL digital-services usually relying on continuing PM which focus is on objectives of service, though also give thoughtfulness to certain problems in emerging, distributing, and maintain service. A great approach of IT service administration recognizes the exact ways to assimilate the ever-changing aspects in your process of development. The common business benefits which resulted in the approach of ITIL are:

  • Minimize cost and time.
  • Enhance the quality
  • Improve the morale of staff

ITIL – Related Jobs and Careers

The experts of IT who owe the certifications of ITIL are always praised by big companies who previously implemented the framework of ITIL as their inner standard of IT. Numerous small and big companies are also now recognizing the employee’s importance along with ITIL certs. Since IT turns out more essential, SMBs now realize the great advantages to maintain the trained staff of ITIL. However, not any company wish their IT projects got failed, big companies would typically bear the production cost, as well as the loss of money and time too which complements the unsuccessful service-project of IT. Therefore, there is an increase in the demand of certifications of ITIL for the renowned companies which aren’t in a position to bear the loss of IT project.