Top-5 Custom Balloons Companies in the US

Each holiday has its own characteristics and is celebrated in various ways. Even the birthdays of different people differ from each other because everything depends on tastes, interests, and dates. However, one element usually remains unchanged in every holiday or event. And we mean balloons.

Thanks to modern technologies and the efforts of modern masters, we can always bring to life our fantasies and ideas, thereby giving the event new colors. The beautifully decorated room leaves pleasant memories for both the hero of the day and the guests. But how can you please those around you with an unforgettable design?

For this, it is always better to trust specialists. With tremendous experience, they are very familiar with the process of making custom balloons. Professionals know exactly what to do and what is best to avoid, so as not to spoil the scenery. They also have many resources at their disposal to achieve the most accurate and high-quality results.

However, how can you choose the custom balloon company that will help you? Today we try to find the answer to this question.

Top-5 Custom Balloons Companies

Nowadays, there are many companies that make custom products. Below is a list of companies that have been tested by time and many clients.

Party City

This online store has everything the person needs for stunning decorations. The great array of balloons is really impressive. On the Party City website, you will find high-quality latex balloons, as well as a huge assortment of mylar balloons such as cartoon characters, hearts, stars, and numbers. Specialists will always advise on the best option for you specific event, as well as help collect a bouquet of balloons or organize complex decorations.

The section for personalized balloons is huge. Here you can order both complex image prints and ordinary inscriptions.

Customized Balloon Printing

With fifteen decades of practical experience in creating personalized balloons, Customized Balloon Printing has helped many businesses to promote themselves. Dedicated professionals will allow you to organize your promotional campaign and create custom printed elements and decorate the place prior to the occasion. The company additionally guarantees fast production of all balloons and delivery of balloons to the stated place.


Besides balloons, the company also manufactures other customized services and products such as napkins and pens. Colossal experience and contemporary technologies permit the business to produce up to 80,000 supreme quality customized balloons per day. On the Fastballoons web-store you are able to find balloons for every occasion.

Although the company has gained the high quality and creative approach, it continues to build up production technology and delight its clients with bright balloons.

Grubb Balloons

The business is among the best providers that cooperate with Sempertex, considering their services and products to be perfect. Here you may get a discount from the company, create an individual style, and select balloons of any color and size. The business cares about its customers and is always attempting to improve your online shopping experience. Moreover, experienced specialists will always advise on the best choices for your party and quickly calculate the total cost of the order.


Despite the enormous numbers of custom-made products, custom balloons occupy one of the important positions on this website. Are you trying to find latex or mylar balloons? In Custom Balloon Now web shop, you’ll discover everything you need. In addition to balloons with simple prints, you can even purchase readymade decorations, such as balloons arches and columns. With this company, you will be sure that the decorations are in the reliable hands of professionals.