Top 3 Best Football Fans in Spain

Spain, just like other European countries, loves the sport of football. 75.9% of people have bought tickets for a football match at least once, 67% of which are fans of a particular football club (among a total of 62 clubs countrywide). Among this percentage, approximately 32.4% are Real Madrid Fans, can you believe it! Fans not only like the game, but they are also passionate about it and idolize the players. Just remember the majestic vibe of a stadium when thousands of fans are cheering their lungs out for their favorite team, the goosebumps they get after a goal happens. With over 20,000 football clubs in Spain with their separate fanbases, let’s look at the three best football fans in Spain.


  • Madridista Fan Club


There is no list of best football teams and their fans in the world (much less Spain) without Real Madrid in it. The club has 9 Champion leagues as well as 32 LaLiga titles under its belt. The team sure knows how to build a fanbase, as it has 450 Million official fans worldwide, Real Madrid Fans who wholeheartedly cheer for their heroes when they step a foot in the game ground, fans who wake till the crack of dawn to watch the match live from all the corners of the world. The official fan club Madridista has branches all over the world, not to mention Ultras. 


  • The Barcelona Fans


The second in this list is Barcelona F.C. with its massive and equally passionate fan base. It has 240 Million official supporters all over the world. The famous club has 26 LaLiga titles, 30 Copa del Rey, and 5 UEFA Champion Leagues victories to their credit. No doubt, such a large fanbase- classifying themselves as Penyes or Barca fans- is crazy over the team members- the deafening roars of the crowd, and the tears shed over a missed goal, testify the craze.


  • Atletico De Madrid Fans


Though not as famous as Real Madrid and Barcelona, Atletico is Spain’s third-best football club. The team has bagged 10 LaLiga titles, 10 Copa del Rey, 2 Supercopa de Espana, and 3 UEFA Super Cups, to say the least. Almost 16.1% of Spain’s population of football lovers cheers for Atletico. It is also famously known as Spain’s oldest football club. Yes, the club had its unfortunate share of back-to-back misfortunes in its earlier days. But the genuine diehard Atletico fans have kept their unmovable faith in the team, covering the entire stadium with their signature red-and-white stripes.