Tips to Keep Your Young Baby Healthy

The flu and cold season make it a challenging task for the parents to keep their young babies healthy. While you might think it is tricky to keep your babies safe from falling sick, the pediatricians around the world confirm it is possible.

Here are some doctor-approved tips on keeping your baby safe, sound, and free of all diseases even through the coldest months.

Be Careful of Where You Take Your Newborns

Flaunting your brand new baby is something young and new parents dream of doing. But avoiding to take your newborn baby too often, especially at large public gatherings can help them stay safe. Even the slightest increase in body temperature of a newborn can require the parents to rush them to the hospital. So, it is not ok to take them around huge crowds, public places, malls, or even restaurants. 

Avoid Falls and Other Small Accidents

Reserve places for your babies to crawl and play. Stay within proximity from the baby, so you can lend them your hand when they need it. The moment they learn to crawl, make sure to block the staircase and other unsafe areas. Baby walkers are never a good option as they do not assist them to learn walking. Ensure to insert safety plugs inside the electric sockets when they are not in use, as children tend to put their fingers in it. 

Take the help of a baby growth calculator online when determining their growth status per month. 

Inculcate The Habit of Hand-Wash in Children

It might look nitpicky and paranoid, but it is of prime importance that you ask people to wash their hands thoroughly or sanitize before picking up your baby. This would then spread viruses, cold, and flu in check. When a family member falls sick and expresses their urge to visit the baby, ask them to first get well.

Never Stop Breastfeeding

If you happen to nurse and you have caught the flu or cold, you must not maintain distance with the child. You must continue to breastfeed your child since you would be supplying her antibodies to whatever virus you are infected with through your breast milk. By breastfeeding, you would be passing along immunity to your child. 

Also, make sure to check their height once in a while with the help of a baby growth chart. Take the necessary steps and consult your doctor if the growth of the baby is not satisfactory.

Vaccinate Yourself

Flu shots aren’t meant for the babies until they reach 6 months of age. In regards to the whooping cough vaccine, it takes a line of shots before a baby gets 100% immunized. You can contribute towards the good health of your child by getting vaccinated with a flu shot and pertussis vaccine booster. It is advised that you get vaccinated soon after delivering the baby. 

If you are survived by an older child as well, then look into their eating and sleeping habits as well. Even after abiding by all the rules, your child might fall sick as they are estimated to get an approx of 12 respiratory diseases annually, which makes it one disease per month. This might be concerning for parents, but for as long as there are no severe infections, there is nothing to lose your sleep on.