Tips on how to hang art in your home

Collecting art is like collecting pieces that reflect your personality. Displaying your collection to maximize its visibility is essential. Every person who walks into the house should feel like they are entering an art gallery while looking at your home decor. That way your art gets the recognition it deserves. Poorly placed art can end up making a wall look cluttered. Even open and large spaces can look crowded. Art is a great way to express yourself and what you do with it is an expression of your creativity. Space can be beautified by using the vibrance of a painting and can impact the ambiance of the room to a large extent.

Let us look at some tips to hang your precious art pieces to ensure they stay the center of attraction in every room.

  1. Where on the wall can you hang it? – It is important to ensure the art hung on the wall is at eye level. You should not have to look up or down to notice a piece of work. It is wiser to make sure that the art is not higher than 4 feet. The center of your art piece should be at 4 feet and not the hooks. If you wish to hang a painting above a sofa or any other piece of furniture, ensure there is ample space between the two. For example, a person sitting on a sofa should not be crouching because the back of the head is hitting the frame. Using decorative lights can help accentuate and focus on individual pieces.
  2. Scale – If you are working with a collection, it can be beneficial to remember to place art in a way that the rest of your furniture does not look too small or too big. The artwork should be maximum of two-thirds the size of the sofa and not more. Otherwise, it can be overwhelming for the on-looker. If you wish to mount multiple frames on one wall. Ensure the sizes are arranged in a way that the smaller pieces are mounted on the top (preferably right corner). Leaving 2-3 inches of space between 2 works can ensure every piece of art gets its importance.
  3. Not just walls – Walls are not the only place you can hang artwork. Floating shelves are equally effective. Propping pieces together against a wall instead of hanging on the wall gives depth to the room and adds a 3-dimensional effect. This is an unconventional way of displaying art but can be extremely effective in case the walls of the house are not very big.
  4. Frame it well – The frame of the artwork is as important as the actual piece of art as well. Consider the colour and texture while choosing a frame. The overall look of the frame should go with the rest of your furniture in the room and the rest of the artwork as well.

Let the artist in you take over!