Tips on Hosting Great Country Themed Bridesmaid Party

Often, the bridesmaid and bachelorette parties are known for the following: they bring memory; they are unique and special in one way or another. The occasion is meant to celebrate the bride and groom before their D-day.

Organizing this event is stressful and difficult for many of us. It is not a walk-over. To ease you from this, we decided to come up with this guide to lead you appropriately of the best tips to host your bachelorette and bridesmaid party.

Matching Bridesmaid Country Shirts

Bridesmaid shirts are integral and should be considered a lot, especially when selecting the type you intend to wear.

The fashion trends keep changing now and then. In this case, the bridesmaid shirts are our primary concern, especially when it comes to matching them. The best bachelorette party shirts have a cowgirl design prints. These shirts include custom vintage shirts, retro bride shirts, retro babe shirts, and many more. They come is a variety of colors and sizes.

First, you need to ensure the shirts are of the same color. As much as the color is uniform, the fabric and designer should also be the same. At times, we recommend that the shirts be worn in varied silhouettes.

One can have a high neckline while the other a strapless look. In case you still find this challenging, console from a fashionista.

Country Music

A number of spectacular bridesmaid and bachelorette parties listen to country music. You do not need to worry if you are not conversant with country wedding songs. The solution is her.

One of the best and recommended types of songs for weddings is country music. Why? It features classic hits, heart-touching rhythm, and heartfelt ballads, to name a few.

We have also come up with a list of some of the best country hits you can include in your playlist during your Big Day. Country bachelorette party and bridesmaid songs are grouped into the following categories: getting ready, ceremony, first dance, parent dance, reception entrance, wedding exit, and after-party country songs. I am sure you will enjoy every rhythm and hit as you move towards the podium to present your wedding gift.

Some of the best bridesmaid gifts include bracelets, monogram necklaces, knot necklaces, and many more.

Visiting Nashville

Nashville is a spectacular city and the perfect place to host your bridesmaid party. The city is famous for its live performances of country music and its well-prepared delicious food. Often you will find those in a bachelorette party hang out at Nashville’s downtown.

The city also has unique shopping boutiques, craft cocktails, auditoriums, and lively bars that make it a great place for your bachelorette and bridesmaid party.

The city has plenty of fantastic hotels where you can spend during your bachelorette party. They include Graduate Nashville, JW Marriott, and VRBO, to name a few.

There is no doubt that Nashville is a great place to visit during your bachelorette party weekend. From its music, food, to drinks, everything is gorgeous.

Fun Country Games to Play

Your bachelorette party must end with a blast. You’ve done everything correctly, from finding the right bachelorette party shirts to wedding gifts.

It is precise that you are not familiar with most of your guests. How do you break the ice? Try bachelorette party games, and there is no doubt that this will work for you. Some of the recommended bachelorette party games include the Groom Quiz, Truth or Dare, Kiss the Bae, and 20 questions About the Bride.