Time to stand out with the Top 5 trends in glasses for women

The top 5 trends in glasses currently are the best way to loosen your purse strings and splurge. After all, you love that, don’t you? Allow us to help you with this list of top trends that you can never go wrong with. You’ll love placing these glasses on your twinkling eyes, as they are the hunky-dory sizzling style expression you always wanted. 

Whether you’re up for a casual beach party or a night out with the girls, a date or a board meeting, have a look at these gratifying versatile pairs that can help you accentuate your charm no matter what the occasion. There’s no better way to one-up your style quotient with something that’s among the top 5 trends in glasses. And you’ll get to know the reason in a while.

Welcome transcendence – the top 5 trends in glasses.


  • Rose gold glasses


A charming dress, elegant fragrance, glittering jewellery and high-heels sparkling with confidence. An outfit with these elements is sure to look flattering. Yet, you feel something’s missing. What exactly? Something that can add grace, sophistication, and a spark of individuality to your attire. We think it’s the sizzling rose gold glasses. If you have ever tried them before and that in the cat-eye shape, you know what we’re talking about. 

What makes these rose gold glasses the trend among women nowadays, is the feminine colour and the ultra-feminine style – Cat-eye mixed with the round. These glasses are stylistically way more appealing especially for women with face shape that’s oval, heart, or square. No wonder, the style has been donned by divas like Marilyn Monroe. Doesn’t this make it worth a try? Here’s the dazzling Diana for you to check out right away!


  • Geek glasses 


Not every woman wants to sport the elegant feminine look. Is this what you were wondering as well? Seems like we peeped through your mind. Many girls these days are geeky and love the sporty charm that brings cute and quirky looks. Their demand is what has led to geek glasses becoming the trend today. In fact, the look these glasses portray is so much loved, be it by teen girls or adults, that women wear them only to flaunt their geeky character even without prescription or reading lenses. 

And if you are someone with powered lenses, guess what, your spectacles will now never be perceived boring and bland. Geek glasses are here to change that reputation. Since they are mostly in classic shapes like rectangle, they suit girls with softer face edges, say you have a face shape that’s round or oval. All set for a geeky look? Come on! Check this pair of geek glasses with black and grey marble temples. Be sure your mind is ready to be blown. 


  • Tortoiseshell glasses 


There’s one thing common about all women. They love attention. And nothing holds more attention than a pair of tortoiseshell glasses that captivate with the unique patterns and colours. Tortoiseshell brings to the table a perfect balance between bold and subtle. What makes them the head-turner is not just the pattern or the colours but the ability to rock any look, any complexion, no matter what the occasion.

If you have a thing for colours like honey yellow, blue, tanned brown and dark green, this tortoiseshell pair right here might be the bang for your buck. It’s a mix of browline and round styles, which means you are in for a delightful treat if you have an oval, square, or heart-shaped face. Still waiting? Go have a look.


  • Funky glasses


When all you need is to add a little oomph to your personality, in a way that’s different, funky glasses are your saviour. What makes glasses funky is a quirky style and an outstanding combination of colours that brings to us daring details and phenomenal designs. 

If celebrities like Gigi Hadid can make their look splendorous with funky glasses, why not you? Girls! You got to give funky glasses a try. How about this not-so-bold round pair with the enchanting nose bridge, blue tip temples and the elegance of black? Check this pair out here “funky glasses” as a step to welcome some quirky class to your personality. 


  • Horn-rimmed glasses


Before you think horn-rimmed glasses are made of real horn, allow us to stop the wondering. They are not. Fortunately, because if they were, horns all around the world might have faced extinction by now, looking at the way horn-rimmed glasses are topping the trend charts nowadays. 

With the thick horn-rimmed front and the Havana tortoiseshell pattern, this pair of horn-rimmed glasses is a chic way to stand out. Matching your outfits, makeup and hair, these glasses can’t help but make you sizzle. To add to the horn-rimmed charm are the metal temples for you – the woman who loves sporting sleek elegance along with the unspoken charm of quirky creativity. Check it out for yourself if you wish to be the trendsetter of your circle.

The trends might keep changing every now and then, but these glasses mentioned above take the cake for being trends that will never lose their spot on the charts. Not having at least one of these pairs in your fashion eyewear collection might be a big mistake. And we are sure you won’t want to miss this opportunity of grabbing these pairs with free protective coatings like anti-glare, anti-UV, and scratch-resistant ones for your eyes’ health. 

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Sometimes you just know the pair will suit you no matter what, yes, we know about this superpower girls have. A feeling from the gut. Intuition. If you feel such a thing for any of these frames, don’t even wait to try. Order right away and they might be in your hands by tomorrow. 

It’s time to gift yourself a sassy pair to flaunt. Get going, grab the trend train before it’s too late.