Things to know about IAS coaching in Delhi

When it comes to civil services examination, Delhi is primarily preferred because it is considered a hub for IAS examination aspirants. Almost 50% of aspirants all over the country prefer moving to Delhi to prepare for the examination. Comprehensive IAS courses come with certain benefits because they allow preparation for IAS prelims, mains, and they even offer interview guidance. UPSC aspirants are always up for searching for the best IAS coaching in Delhi. However, with plethora of options available, it sometimes becomes complicated for the aspirants to finalize one. Several factors should be considered before any coaching center is selected. 

Some of them are listed as follows:

  • They should have online live classes. Since a lot of students might not always be present in classes, an online option is an intelligent choice. It works fine for beginner aspirants. Also, keeping in mind the current situations in 2021, more coaching classes offer online live coaching.
  • They should definitely have classroom courses. Although online classes are a good idea, there is an ultimate need for courses in the classroom for students who go for the traditional learning environment.
  • Correspondence courses, commonly known as UPSC Postal Course, are distance coaching for civil services. These are getting high in demand because of the online study material for UPSC.
  • Weekend classes mainly consist of regular classroom lectures. These allow profound learning for students. Most coaching centers conduct weekend classes for specific subjects, namely General Studies, C SAT, Essays, along with optional papers.
  • Test series conducted for prelims and mains are the best tool for timely syllabus completion and proper revision. Such an essay test series allows the aspirants to practice the best way to attempt the exam and regular analysis of their preparation.
  • As mentioned, interview guidance is one of the essential parts of IAS coaching. Such programs allow the aspirants to prepare for the personality test that follows IAS mains.

Another vital query that follows along is the best IAS coaching in Delhi with fees. The fee structure varies with place. However, if you need a range to be set, the whole coaching for UPSC combined with all the relevant courses necessary must range between INR 1.5 L to 2 L.

The total cost generally depends on a lot of factors, and thus it keeps varying along with the institutes. A generic idea obtained from the fee structure of various institutes have been listed as follows considering an average fee:

Course  Fees  Duration 
Complete course Starting from INR 1,98,500 approx. 11 months
Pre-cum mains course Starting from INR 1,75,000 approx. 10 months
Foundation courses Starting from INR 1,35,000 approx. 36 months
Optional course Starting from INR 48,000 approx. 4.5 months
Weekend course Starting from INR 1,25,500 apx. 15 months

Note: These fee details have been supplied following some of the best IAS coaching in Delhi. This can change concerning the coaching center concerned.

It is true that coaching does not ensure you a rank, but it is definitely necessary for your betterment. There are many reasons why choosing a coaching center might help you. Some of them are listed below:

  • Assists in the completion of the syllabus in a structured manner.
  • Aids in stimulating motivation.
  • The aspirants are able to get suitable study material.
  • Such coaching centers arouses a competitive spirit.
  • Aspirants learn attentive tricks that help them cover the syllabus.
  • There is always a scope for improvement.
  • These are ideal for continual guidance.


The best time to join a UPSC coaching is the time you aim to be a civil servant. It is because that helps in channelizing the efforts of the aspirants in the right way.