Things To Know About Frenchie Dog

French Bulldogs are friendly breed. They make friends with ease. They happily wag their short tails at strangers. They adapt to a new environment and like to receive attention from their owners. French bulldogs are difficult to breathe and for this reason, there are not too many of them around. Frenchie dog mature slowly and have their life span which ranges about 12 and 14 years. They are extremely intelligent and often end up as a permanent fixture and the owner’s life.

How to take care of French Bulldogs?

  • French bulldogs are very sensitive to hot weather and may suffer from heat stroke if left out in the sun for too long. Most of these dogs are Indoor.
  • French bulldogs require a well balanced diet that supplies all the nutrients required for growth and maintenance.
  • A good walk is necessary to provide the Frenchie dog with all the exercise he needs.
  • They should be taken for the regular checkups and it is important that inoculations are up to date.
  • Frenchie dogs love attention and they appreciate being taken care of. A neglected dog will become destructive and more and shares which will result to health problems. Owners should spend uninterrupted time with their dogs by taking them for a short walk, play or just sit on the sofa.
  • These dogs have a tendency to have allergic reaction to substances and the environment as well as food. Necessary precautions should always be taken in such cases.
  • They need a dry and cool place to sleep, and it should be cleaned every once.

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