Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Bag to Carry Cannabis

Weed enthusiasts love carrying their joints and rolls everywhere; especially, to recreational retreats on hikes and treks. But more often than most, the quality of the joint degrades due to rain, moisture, and humidity. These issues make things quite messy and can be quite a big disappointment. If you too have faced such situations, you might be in the need of perfect pouches to carry cannabis. Hence, this guide that’ll take you through a bundle of benefits of pouches by popular brands like Hush Kush that are specially made for carrying weed. 

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Benefits of Cannabis Pouches 

It’s certainly possible that you carry joints in any bag or wallet, but the joints will mostly end up getting wet or smelly. Which is why it’s best that you use pouches and bags like the Hush-Kush smell proof bags since they are specially designed for cannabis storage. The 5 benefits of these bags are given below. 

  1. They are Odor Proof 

Moisture and humidity – even the smell of the bag you’re using to carry weed – takes away the entire essence of cannabis. This is the one problem that Hush Kush bags easily overcome. Their interiors are coated with beeswax and made with the help of Perma-B™ technology that makes them smell proof. 

Thus, they will never affect the aroma of the joint you’re carrying and will keep it fresh and original.

  1. They are Waterproof

Every weed lover is well aware of the fact that whether it’s a rolled joint or dried weed flowers, they are badly affected by water and moisture. THC and CBD in cannabis – the two most popular Cannabinoids – end up losing all their strength, aroma, and freshness to humidity. Which is why the Hush Kush bags are made waterproof and moisture resistant. 

Thus, they will not just keep your cannabis fresh but will also keep it full of its original flavors. 

  1. They are Lightweight

Who wants to carry something that’s too bulky and just not portable? Well, actually, nobody. Which is why Hush Kush bags are made super lightweight alongside them being very spacious. 

  1. They are Size Adjustable

Now, you might carry one joint at times, but carry more some other times. Besides, you might want to carry half lit joints or even vapes at times. Which is why these pouches are made size adjustable. You can always fold them when you’re carrying just one or two joints. And the maximum number of joints that they can easily accommodate together is 5.

These qualities forbye, the Hush Kush bags are entirely eco-friendly and biodegradable too. You can also wash them frequently and still reuse them.

On a closing note, you can have a look at the entire collection of these high-quality handmade pouches at Hush Kush.