Things to Consider Before you Get Laminate Flooring Done

Laminate flooring can be a reliable choice for the flooring of your home or office. You can find a wide range of products that look similar to wood with ceramic tiles as well as imitations of the stone too. A wood laminate flooring can be installed in any room of your home with just a few exceptions. Here are certain things you must consider before you get laminate flooring installed:

  • Prepare the room 

You need to prepare the room by eliminating the baseboards and base shoe. You must assure that the floor is levelled and clean. It can be installed on a non levelled floor too, but that way there will be more soft and spongy areas in the home.

  • Take measurements of the room

It is used for the determination of the total square foot of the flooring that you might require. Then must include 5 % for mistakes and waste. You must keep in mind that you will have to leave a space of almost 3-4 inches all around the room perimeter to let the flooring extend and contract according to the humidity changes.

  • Flooring acclimation

You can bring different flooring packages to your room. Opening the packages and distributing the loosely fitted planks in the room in small piles. This can help the flooring in getting stabilized to the mid-level humidity in the room of your home

  • Prepare the door frame 


You can do this from the flooring by sliding beneath the jamb and trim. It is easier than cutting an improper shape that can fit the moldings of the floor. You can make use of a flooring piece along with underlayment as a support, and marking the trim of the door and jamb used to trim. The pieces can be cut with the help of a saw jamb which is a handsaw that can be particularly used to handle an offset which makes it convenient to use a cut on the floor.

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