These Space Saving Tips are Going to Change Your PG Life Forever

It’s that time of the year again – you’re heading back to your college and your paying guest accommodation for another exciting year. And as you pack your suitcase, you’re once again wondering how to make all your belongings fit into the limited space of your PG room. Because even in the best PG in Delhi, space is a premium commodity. There’s just never enough. And while you love the bustle of chilling with your roommates and being surrounded by friends, sometimes you wish you had a little more room to yourself.

Well, worry no longer. Because we have got some incredible space saving tips that are going to change the way you live. And no, we don’t just mean buying storage bins to place at the foot of your bed. These are practical tips that you can use to maximise the space you already have. So, let’s dive in.

Shelve It Up

When it comes to using the space in your room we tend to talk about cupboards and drawers, but we miss out on the space that makes up the largest part of your room. The walls. Because you can utilise all that free space on your walls by putting up a few shelves. And yes we know that most PG landlords don’t allow major construction which is why Pinterest is going to become your best friend. You’ll find tonnes of DIYs that will help you construct faux floating or hanging shelves without damaging your walls. Now you have a lot of additional space to store your books and more.

Add Extra Hooks

Yes, the back of your door probably already has hooks (and if it doesn’t you should definitely add some) but they are not the only vertical space you can be utilising. Consider placing extra hooks inside the doors of your cupboard or even along your walls. They’re an easy, damage-free way to maximise your space, and hang up your jewellery, bags, keys, umbrella etc. Another handy way you can use these is by placing them on the underside of your shelves (space that’s usually unused) to hang up items like coffee mugs that would otherwise occupy precious desk space.

Make Your Bed

You might be wondering how making your bed can have anything to do with saving space but think about it. Your bed is definitely the largest item in your PG room. Not just that, it’s a multitasking piece of furniture too. So, if you’re going to be using your bed as a sofa during the day or as a study space during exam season, it’s important to keep it clean and organised. If you make your bed in the mornings, you’ll be giving a sense of structure and order to your entire room. Plus, if you’re going to be using your bed for work, consider putting away your pillows and blankets during the day so you have a lot more free-space to work with. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to your room and how much more productive you become.

Use Dividers

Although you may feel like the first person to ever manage negotiating small spaces while living in a PG in Viman Nagar, Pune, there are generations of people who have done it before you. And you can learn from the wealth of their experiences. Because living in a PG is not always about creating new space but about re-organising the space that you have. Look at the furniture that your paying guest accommodation provides and see how you can maximise their storage. Dividers and drawer organisers can be invaluable when it comes to making the most of what you already have. You’ll be able to organise your belongings better and make space for more items too. You can purchase inexpensive dividers online or even repurpose items like cardboard sheets or ice cube trays to DIY your own.

And there you have it. Wherever you might be staying, you need to change the way you think about space. There is plenty of scope for expanding and maximising if you know where to look. And with these simple space saving tips, you’ll definitely be able to change the way you live in your PG.