The types of mosaic tiles

  1. Stone mosaics

Think mosaics and the first picture that comes to mind is tiny tiles with beautiful ornate detail and inlay work that is reminiscent of Greek and Roman architecture. Each tile carries tiny bits of a complete picture, like pieces that fit into a puzzle. Upon installation, they leave behind a statement piece. The sheer beauty and gripping allure of stone mosaics make it a popular choice in geometric designs and floral patterns.

  1. Murals and medallions

It involves a modern cutting-edge manufacturing technique that utilizes water jet technology to cut stones in definite curves and dexterously slim pieces that would have been close to impossible in the past.

This procedure allows large pieces to be formed with much ease so you don’t have to depend on wee bits and pieces to form a big tile. There are geometric patterns and insignias that can be used as a logo in big corporations. They can either be displayed on the floor or the wall. Hollywood walk of fame is one such example. It can also be employed for decorative embellishments for the more artistic mind.

  1. Glass tile

It’s considered as a gem among mosaics and is by far the most expensive. They are hand made in Italy and was initially prevalent in the Roman empire. The price can vary, depending on the color and density. Glass tiles are mostly used in top-notch projects. Its light-reflecting properties make it unprecedented. There is quite nothing like it in the annals of many leading tiles in the market. It is reckoned to be the best in the world.

  1. Creative tile

These tiles are recycled from broken glass, bottles, marbles, and stone. It’s like a fancy collage of various objects but around the same width, length and breadth, so as to not cause anomalies in the placement.

  1. Stones that are hand-painted

The best part about this mosaic is that you can customize it to your preference. You can choose to paint any design or pattern that you fancy and incorporate them in your living space.

  1. Etched stone

As the name suggests, the design is etched on to the mosaic. It is engraved, thus resulting in a carved effect that looks sophisticated. They can be convoluted designs that are deeply imprinted on the surface. Ceramique au Sommetshowcases numerous mosaic patterns to choose from.