The Risks of Wearing the Wrong Corset or Waist Trainer

Plenty of critics exaggerate about how dangerous wearing a wrong corset can be, or how waist training may end civilization. But, these are just extreme opinions and are not true. The risks are only applicable in case you don’t wear a corset or waist trainer that fits you perfectly.

The ideology of no pain, no gain does not apply to waist trainers or corsets. Many of the cons listed below are traced back to “extreme” waist training, which is not at all recommend. It is crucial to ensure that a waist trainer is comfortable to wear and not at all painful.

In case of the below issues faced, you should remove it immediately:

  • Uncomfortable or tight:Wearing a waist trainer or corset can get extremely awkward if you get aggressive on the tightening, or if it’s the wrong size, or in case you try to exercise in it. You should feel the garment supporting and lifting the abdomen, never exerting downward pressure. Be careful to check the signs of wrong fit – shallow breathing, restricted movement, and unusual bruising.
  • Visible under clothing:Corsets were in an era when women’s clothing goals and styles were very different than it is today. If you’re trying to go stealth, make sure you pick the right style corset, mostly satin or mesh. The sheerest corset won’t ever conceal completely under specific clothing. Ultra fitted blouses/dresses and lightweight knits are very difficult to disguise anything under. Skirts and dresses often work well, as the waist of the garment usually sits at the natural waist. Ruched tops, thicker fabrics, and ruffles really help to hide the corset bumps as well.
  • Can get hot/uncomfortable in summer: Wearing a corset is like adding another layer of clothing. And, in summer, you’ll definitely feel the sweat in case you are wearing a thicker leather or cotton corset. A mesh corset is the best for summer as they are much more comfortable when waist training.
  • Acid reflux:Your esophagus, intestines, and stomach form an intricate network in the abdomen, and extreme compression from a corset can hinder the digestion process, causing acid reflux. Don’t wear it this tight, and prefer removing it at mealtimes.
  • Decreases your core strength: This is a definite possibility if thewaist trainer is extremely tight as the core muscles rely too much on the extra support offered by the corset.
  • Obsession and Addiction:This depends a great deal on personality and self-believe, but some women can become obsessed with the ever shrinking waist, taking the waist training to unhealthy extremes.

Make sure you check for these signs and take immediate action in case you face any of these.