The luxurious lifestyle of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth’s Wealth

There are many conspiracy theories and rumours often targeting the wealth of London’s Queen and defaming them by the tagline of illegal money. The surprise is that most of them started to believe that the Queen’s source of money is through selling drugs and performing other illegal activities.

Although, for your knowledge, Elizabeth II has told the authorities to check her wealth and balance sheet to fade away the wrong belief of people. And if you still think that she earns illegally, then check your facts again.

Apart from this, the Forbes yearly survey told says that Elizabeth’s wealth is worth more than 500 million dollars and is projected to grow more in the upcoming years.

After all, her huge mansion is worth a whopping 938 million euros, which is more than enough to live a luxurious life without earning monthly wages.

And yes, it’s just the cost of the structure, the historical artefacts and inside material is separated from the count. Although, it’s just a sketchy look, and there are much more things to consider about this wealth.

Here is the list of all the worthily things which proves that Queen Elizabeth II is living a luxurious lifestyle.

  • Crown

The Crown is undoubtedly a very important part of a queen as well as a kings’ perspective. A Queen without a crown is just like a warrior without his sword. It gives a special look to the rules head. It’s quite common to have a real gold platting on the crowns to show the significance of the king’s presence.

Although, Queen Elizabeth II was the only ruler who had a 100% real diamond embedded on her Crown. Not only this, but the diamond is one of the most precious ones because of its size, weight and unique features. Well, at the current time, the value of this metal is around 200 million US dollar.

  • Wardrobe

Do you know that the Queen does not wear the clothes after wearing them? Above all, she has the world’s most expensive wardrobe. Her wardrobe went on breaking world records and achieve the title of the world’s biggest cupboard.

Well, the garments in it hundred times costlier than your whole life savings. In short, the Queen’s closet is equivalent to the clothes present in a showroom. And it also consists of the Queen’s wedding and coronation dresses, designed by renowned fashion designer. The value of her dress is around 1 million dollars approx.

  • Stamp Collection

If you ask the world’s largest stamp-collector present in the world, then the obvious answer is Queen Elizabeth iiYes, she has the greatest number of postal stamps were. The number is around 328. You will be amazed to know that she still loves to collect unique stamps even at the age of 94.

Although, it’s quite easy for her to just demand and get the unique copy of the stamp from the authorities.

  • Cars

Cars were some of the most favourites for Queen. She has more than half a hundred cars. And every car has its market value of more than ten thousand dollars. Although the London queen hates supercar and seems to love the luxurious vehicles of the ’90s