The Best Way to Utilize a Financial Planner for Financial Gain

Everyone can utilize a financial planner and, while a financial planner isn’t cheap, you want to find the best way to utilize one.

Be Honest and Open with Your Financial Planner

A financial planner can’t help you if you aren’t sharing openly. This means you need to disclose all the details of your financial life, even when it’s difficult. Your planner isn’t going to judge you and should create a safe place for you to put everything on the table. Together you can understand where things stand to make the best plan moving forward.

Accept the Accountability

Knowing what to do is one thing but having some accountability is what is going to make the difference. Not only take advantage of the advice and wisdom they can give you but also lean on them for accountability as well.

Be Sure to Listen

You need to listen when your financial planner tells you to do something to reach your goals, as well as when they tell you what not to do. Your planner should help you stay consistent and disciplined with actions you need to take.

Ask for Referrals for Other Professionals

Since you have worked hard to find a planner you like working with and trust you can ask your advisor for referrals and recommendations for other professionals you want to work with.

Most planners have a professional network since they know this can be an added value for their clients. For example, if you need an estate plan, speak with your planner about an estate planning attorney.

Uncover Blind Spots

There will be information that you don’t know. However, if you don’t know that you don’t know this information then it can be hard to ask questions and get the answers you need. Work with your planner to eliminate the blind spots.  Form a non-profit organization quickly as it has many fiscal benefits.