The Best Travel Guide to Legian Bali

Legian is another area in Bali that is right next door to Seminyak, as they tend to blend into each other. Still, very few people can tell the difference. The defining line that separates the both would have to be the beginning of Sunset Road, as Jalan Kayu Aya ends and Jalan Legian begins. For the common visitor, it probably looks all the same, but actually, there is a vast difference. Seminyak is known for it’s more high-end hotels, villas and shops. At the same time, Legian caters to the holidaymakers that are on tour packages. Even still as busy as Seminyak, Legian has more local vendors here and warungs providing to those on a tighter holiday budget. Nevertheless, there are nonetheless a few excellent villas and stunning resorts along the shore, particularly in the Double Six Beach.

Family Trips in Legian

There are heaps of what to do in Legian if you’re coming with the children. Let’s start with the beach. Probably among the most famous and populated shores, Legian is patrolled with natural surf conditions, great for a swim between the flags. At the time when the low tide comes around most afternoons, locals will play football on the beach, and they encourage visitors to join them for a few hours. As sunset approaches, it is time to grab a bean bag at the dozens of beach side-bars to have a cold drink and watch nature put on a show like nowhere else in the world. Also, it’s a top place to see the passing parade of people from all around the world stroll by.

Getting to other family-friendly activities like Waterbom Bali or even the Finns Splash Park can be very easy from everywhere in Legian. All you must do is buy your villa supervisor, hotel lodging to organize transport for you. You can always grab a metered cab as well, and they are still driving around.

Restaurants, Cafes and Eating Outside in Legian Bali

Legian Bali has a lot of places to eat. Suppose you have got children to feed, do not worry since there are plenty of household restaurants which are all reasonably priced on the shore along with all the dozens of alleyways and hidden streets. Basically, everywhere you look, you may see some restaurant, cafe or local warung.

There is a unique one called Warung Murah which is about a 2 minutes walk from the shore. It’s famous around Bali, and you’ll see by taking a look here the food is exceptional and refreshing. For those who would instead attend a more traditional style restaurant, you will find plenty around the beachfront. Simply walk along the front of the shore area, and you’ll walk right past them. Other restaurants worth visiting in Legian especially if you’re with the children to get a yummy noodle meal is Made’s Warung. Afterwards, treat them to Mades Manis Gelato door.

There are a whole bunch (actually far too numerous to mention) small local restaurants dotted throughout Legian. Still, you will find these as you meander around the area researching all of the little alleyways and side streets. These restaurants & cafes are run by locals and therefore are well priced for a decent meal. This is not expensive like Seminyak or even Canggu so you won’t end up paying with high prices. You will be getting more no-frills local food.

Shopping in Legian Bali

Carry your credit card because you will need it. If there’s shopping overload here and if you’re a shopaholic this is unquestionably paradise. All over Legian alleyways are sprinkled with stores selling everything from sarongs, t-shirts and souvenirs by mainly local vendors. Grab a deal and enjoy the experience of seeing so many stores in one area all looking for your business. If you’re after some more shopping options, the good news is that the larger shopping centres in Kuta like Lippo Mall & Discovery Shopping Plaza are a short Blue Bird taxi ride away. There are even more shops, restaurants, and more ways to spend money.

Lots of things you can do in Legian Bali, and before you plan to visit Bali, make sure to find more about Bali and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.