The Best Travel Destinations for Digital Nomads

With a major shift to remote working for most of us, opportunities are starting to present themselves in a wide variety of different digital nomad jobs as well as different opportunities to travel whilst working – many different locations have also launched their own remote working visas to capture the growing number that may look to travel for work in the near future. But what are some of the highest rated locations for digital nomads, and why do they top the list for those who have already experienced remote work?

Norway, Mexico, and Germany top the list of those surveyed – Both Norway and Mexico share one thing in common that helps them keep the top spot, that being there is no limit on the amount of time a remote worker can remain in the country on a visa with only a few requirements needing to be met. With both being prime holiday destinations too with beautiful sights it’s no surprise they top the list too. That isn’t to say both don’t have some drawbacks – Norway, whilst often being ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world, is also very expensive in terms of daily living and accommodation which is certainly something that needs to be considered if you’re staying for the longer term – minimum salary requirements are also part of the visa requirements to ensure  you can afford to live in the country. For Mexico, some of the argument is largely due to access and infrastructure, with the internet in the country being ranked amongst the worst in the world however this can be largely offset but the cost factors being considerably lower than many others that make the top of the list. 

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Other countries that typically make this list are all expected too – the likes of Costa Rica, Jamaica, and Bermuda all sit within the top ten, with a lower cost of living, ease of access for the remote working vias, and being stunning locations on their own makes them great remote working locations.

Where to avoid? – Knowing the best is only half of the approach as knowing places to avoid is certainly worthwhile too – countries like Barbados are toward the top of the list for destinations to avoid largely because of the high cost to secure a visa along with internet access being poor, other European countries such as Croatia and Estonia are also on the list, whilst they do have great internet options, they may not be the most accepting of digital nomads. Topping the list, however, may come as a surprise to some being the UAE – although the visa comes in at a low cost with easy requirements to meet, the short length of the visa and other factors such as language difficulty typically rank it lower than others.