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Venetian stucco, derived from the Italian term stucco, is a high-resistance coating technique that uses stucco layers (fine paste), creating a smooth surface with a Venetian-style relief effect.

How to apply Venetian marble plaster

It is an application of great beauty, currently appreciated and copied worldwide.

According to the mortar used, the cheap polished plaster london acquires different textures. So it can be adapted to various forms and classes of construction. The stucco also contributes to waterproofing.

This style of painting is ideal for those who want to apply the shine and special touch of distinction typical of Venetian palaces to their rooms. You can generate this effect on the walls of your home in a very easy way.

What materials do I need to apply Venetian marble plaster?

You need Venetian marble plaster for the base, stains or dye, gloves, rag, putty to cover imperfections, steel spatula, steel trowel, body builder tape, 180 sandpaper, rag and fine sandpaper.

How to apply Venetian marble plaster

Steps to apply Venetian marble plaster:

Step 1: Clean the wall and cover the plugs, floors and any other parts so as not to stain them with paint.

Step 2: In case of cracks or imperfections in the wall, caulk them before starting to have a better finish.

How to apply Venetian marble plaster

Step 3: Once you have finished capping, sand the places where you caulked to have an equal surface.

Step 4: Mix the stucco with the chosen dye color in order to give it the desired color. For this we must prepare a base of paint and fixative to the water. Adding the dye according to the desired taste. We must go stirring until the tone is uniform and of the desired color.

How to apply Venetian marble plaster

Step 5: Once we have the desired color we can start applying the color with the circular steel trowel. Try to make it as thin as possible but also that it is loaded.

Step 6: Once we have finished passing the first layer, let it dry for 12 hours.

How to apply Venetian marble plaster

Step 7: Now we must remove the larger burrs (protruding paint edges) with the spatula. We will do it from top to bottom and from left to right.

Step 8: Once finished removing burrs we can apply the second layer with the steel trowel in the same way as the first one, but this time we must let it dry for 24 hours.

Step 9: Once the second layer has dried, we must remove the burrs again as the first one, you can also use a sandpaper to regulate.

How to apply Venetian marble plaster

Step 10: Remove and clean the wall from dust.

Step 11: Now that we have applied the two layers we can create the effect. For this we will again give a layer with the steel trowel, but irregularly and without filling everything.

Step 12: Then we will spread the product from the areas where it was applied.

Step 13: Now we must burnish the Venetian marble plaster with the clean trowel.

Step 14: Apply a next pressure to remove blemishes. Thus we will obtain brightness and contrast. This is what is known as the burning technique.