The Benefits of Filtering Tap Water With Big Berkey Water Filter

Water is essential for survival. Without it, human beings would die within three weeks. Our body is composed mostly of water. It’s even more crucial to have clean drinking water. Some places are lucky to have clean tap water that they can drink aany time. Others don’t have the same luxury. Hence, the role played by filtration systems such as the Big Berkey water filter is extremely significant. These are some of the benefits of filtering tap water.  For more information on the Big Berkey water filter, check out the USA Berkey website today!

It’s cheaper than buying bottled water

If you don’t have clean drinking water at home, your alternative is to buy bottled water. Regular bottled water might cost you around $1-2. It might seem cheap, but you could end up accumulating a vast expense due to the number of bottles consumed each day. Even if you buy a gallon of water instead of the regular-sized bottle, it’s still not enough to save money. Purchasing a professional water filter is cheaper and could offer higher quality drinking water. You can also use it over a long period.

It offers environmental benefits

Apart from spending more money when buying bottled water, you also end up using a lot of plastic. If you could find a way to recycle all of them, it would be great. The problem is if you throw them in the bin. You don’t even segregate your trash depending on its nature.

A plastic bottle takes up to 300 years to degrade. It could end up in the open waters and adversely impact marine lives. You might have already viewed videos of animals choking on the plastic humans threw in the ocean. Since the bottles don’t decompose, it’s not a good idea to place them in a landfill either. They will most likely contribute to the piling of trash, and the landfill immediately reaches capacity. With sustainable water filters, you can help stop these environmental problems.

Water impurities go away with the help of the filter

Your tap water at home looks clean, but it might contain dangerous contaminants. It includes chlorine, mercury, and lead. Even a small amount of these substances could lead to health problems. It’s even worse if you have children at home. The contaminants could be fatal. The best way to avoid consuming them is by using a water filter. Despite doing a good job filtering the impurities, the filter retains the healthy minerals your body needs, including zinc, magnesium, and fluoride. You need them to protect your body from toxins, or in flushing them out. Preventing limescale is also another reason why water filters are useful.

Your water will taste better

You might not taste anything when you drink clean water, but you will notice a different taste if it’s unclean. Removing the impurities using the water filter could lead to enhanced flavors, leading to a higher sense of satisfaction. Without water filters, your water might taste like chlorine. It’s unpleasant, and the smell is intolerable. Conversely, if you opt for distilled water, it might remove essential minerals, making it taste bland.

You will boost your health

Using a quality water filter could be excellent for your health. These are some of the ways filtered water can do wonders for your health:

  • Improve skin hydration
  • Increase nutrient absorption
  • Hasten weight loss
  • Improve digestion
  • Remove toxins in the body
  • Reduce the risk of cancer
  • Boost the immune system

Water filters are low maintenance

Despite all the benefits you will receive when using water filters, you don’t need to spend a lot to maintain them. They’re also easy to use. These filtration products are portable and would last long. Replacing the filters wouldn’t take a lot of time either.

Your food will have a more natural taste

You also use water for cooking. The problem with unfiltered water is that it could adversely affect the taste of the dish you’re cooking. Hence, you must use filtered water. It leads to a more natural taste. The filters remove chemicals present in the tap water. Contaminants like chlorine aren’t only dangerous, but also take away the natural flavors of your food.

You will meet your daily needs

You always have to remind yourself to drink plenty of water. On average, you need eight 8-ounce glasses a day. The problem is that if you dislike the taste of your drinking water, you might not meet this requirement. Using filters improve the taste of the water. It means that you can easily take the necessary amount of water each day. Even if you’re busy, it’s even to remind yourself to drink.

Since you’re not opting for bottled water, you don’t have to run to the nearest store if you’re thirsty. You can head to your fridge and drink filtered water. Making it easier for you to drink clean water will help meet your daily needs.

Boiling water isn’t enough

Despite all these benefits, you might still be on the fence in buying water filters. You think that it’s enough to simply boil tap water. You believe that it’s adequate in reducing contaminants present. The truth is that boiling doesn’t eliminate the dangerous components. Some of them might settle at the bottom of the container used for boiling. If you pour it in a glass, these substances are still present. A water filter is effective in removing the components you don’t want.

Final thoughts

Given all these benefits, it’s time that you consider buying a water filter. You might think it’s expensive, but you’re investing in a device that helps clean water. It’s essential for survival, and you need to have one at home. If you believe that you stayed healthy despite the absence of a water filter, it might not stay that way for much longer. The contaminants present in tap water might not lead to immediate adverse health effects, but you could experience long-term health issues. Before you suffer from these problems, you would instead invest in a quality water filter now.