Tax Options in the Economic Sectors

Contribution for Intervention in the economic domain is a federal tax levied on natural gas, oil and its derivatives (which includes alcohol and fuel). Thus, CIDE taxpayers are fuel producers, importers and formulators nationwide.

The rates are R $ 100.00 per m³ of natural gas, R $ 50.00 per m³ of diesel oil and zeroed for the following products:

  • fuel oils with high or low sulfur concentration
  • kerosenes in general (including aviation kerosenes), fuel ethanol and liquefied petroleum gases (including derivatives of naphtha and natural gas)
  • Products that will be sold to exporters and petrochemical naphtha that end up producing petrochemicals are exempt from paying this tax

The Right Deals for the Planning

We have always been led to believe that financial planning has little to do with our emotions, that it is pure logic, numbers, discipline and principles to follow. That is the reason why many people fail to organize their personal finances. Accordingly the taxes will be counted now.

  • An important factor that you should consider when managing your personal finances is to analyze the relationship you have with money, what you feel, what you are afraid of and how you react financially to certain situations. When you discover the motives behind your financial decisions, it will be easier for you to develop and execute a financial plan that is designed to meet your aspirations. Believe it or not, it is possible.

Emotional intelligence can be transferred to the realm of finance. Therefore, we suggest that you ask yourself: what are my feelings about my personal finances? Below you will find some examples that will help you define how your relationship with money operates and how you can apply emotional intelligence to improve your spending control. Also make use of the tax matters. Visit for the best tax calculation.

Solution to this problem with emotional intelligence

Recognize that you would like to have this or that thing, so do an analysis to see if you really need that object, and if you can adjust your budget to acquire it. If it is not enough for you today, it will be a motivation to continue working constantly to obtain it in the future.

This federal tax is in the fixed amount of 8% of the employee’s salary. Thus, the employer is responsible for making this payment on behalf of the individual monthly in an account. It is a state tax that focuses on the most varied types of services provided nationwide such as import services, telecommunications, interstate or intercity transport, service provision and so on. It also focuses on the circulation of food, appliances, clothing, vehicles and others. ICMS taxpayers are legal entities, that is, companies registered with the State Finance Department. Thus, the registration of the establishment is mandatory even before the start of its activities.