Switching The Brain’s Reality Channel With Ancestral Ritual

The ayahuasca or yage which is a spirit vine found in the Amazon rainforests is used by the tribes since time immemorial. However, it has been brought to the notice of the modern world because of the supposed positive effects it can have on many severe mental and physical problems. But of course it all depends on persons, their circumstances and their choice of expert shamans and knowledgeable ayahuasca retreats.

The hallucinogenic properties of ayahuasca

This plant vine is prepared from chacruna and banisteropsis caapi using different types of recipes and methods. When you consume this yage brew, the nerve cells become activated with the intake of the psychotropic components. Each tribe has its own recipe for preparing this magical drink. However, it should be taken into account that it contains DMT which can create hallucinogenic effects on the reality zone of the brain.  This drink should not be treated like a casual cup of tea to have at home. As it needs special preparation and procedures under the leadership of an expert shaman, one must be physically as well as mentally prepared for the excessive purging which is considered as part of the cleansing procedures. It is always recommended that you take proper precautions with the help of genuine people and helpers like Dr Stephen Szara. According to him, a DMT experience is certainly a unique and life changing experience, particularly for the people who may have a troubled past. This is the reason the use of a learned as well as ethical shaman is very necessary during the Amazon trips for ayahuasca treatment. There is no doubt at all that this DMT creates a state of parallel reality and trance like conditions. Many people wish to undergo this experience because they may want to come to terms with traumatic experiences which they had in the past and wish to put at rest.


Many individuals want to try ayahuasca just for the heck of it as a lark. But it is not something to be tampered with or taken lightly. It is highly imperative that you find an ethical shaman and one who is learned in order for your health conditions and correct dosage of the drink to be given to you.  It is a rest assured affect that the DMT present in it activates hidden realities and a deeper connection to the surreal world. So caution is heeded. You can view more on other web materials for more updates.