Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know about Strippers

The world of adult entertainment has always been fascinating. Now and then studies are done around the world to separate the facts from the fiction that exists out there. Compared to most countries, Australia has a vibrant strip club industry. Compared to other big cities in Australia like Sydney, Melbourne strippers are considered to be the best in the country. Going by the number of strip clubs in the city and the calibre of stripper you’ll find in the city, they might be the best paid entertainers. Don’t believe the rumour and innuendo about what strippers are, what they do or how much money they make. There is plenty of research that has been done to get at the real facts about strippers and their world. 

How much do strippers earn? According to the University of Leeds researchers, strippers make $74,000 which is close to what an American lawyer makes. According to that same research, most strippers are quite happy with their jobs. Researchers found that strippers were highly motivated by the economic opportunities that stripping brought and aren’t necessarily driven to stripping because of drug addiction or coercion. Most strippers do not consider themselves as being exploited because at the end of it all, they are the ones making money by looking good and performing a three- minute dance.

Some studies are more personal and specific. The University of New Mexico looked at how much money strippers make when they are ovulating and when they are menstruating. They found that women who are ovulating make around $30 more than when they are menstruating. This means that strippers who are on the pill make less money because they don’t ovulate. The researchers wanted to prove that men react more to women when they are ovulating than when they aren’t. There are critics who scoff at research like this.  But, then again, just like most women, strippers tend to feel sexy and are more comfortable when they are ovulating. They are likely to give more tip-worth performances.  

In some countries, the government feels that strippers short-change them by not declaring their earnings and assets. In Sweden for instance, the government has been actively clamping down on strippers who avoid paying their taxes. 

Canada has such a shortage of strippers that in 2008 Strip Club owners had to hire legal consultants in order to get foreign girls to work in their clubs. Before then, Canadian authorities would issue visas to foreign women that allowed them to work. But the government put tighter measures propter an even wider stripper shortage in the country.  

Australia is one of those countries that do not have a stripper shortage. Melbourne strippers do make a lot of money. If you consider they type of strip clubs you’ll find in the city, you’ll realise there are a or of high-end, classy clubs that cater to patrons who have more disposable money and are likely to tip very well. Australia also attracts a lot of girls from foreign countries who choose Australia because of its friendly Visa laws. Save for the current restrictions brought on by the recent pandemic, Melbourne strip clubs are very open and welcoming to all kinds of girls from all kinds of places. Variety is what spices the night life industry in Melbourne.