Suggestions on What to do with Unwanted Gift Cards

So Christmas is here and you have vanilla visa gift card balance or other gift cards among the gifts that you have received. Some popular gift cards are valuable since you are not out of options on how to use them. But the not so popular gift cards might turn out to be unwanted.

Below you’ll find some suggestions on what to do with unwanted gift cards.

Sell Gift Cards for Cash Profits

Some websites exist online that will let you sell your gift cards for cash profits close to its face value.

Once on these sites, you simply need to enter the store or merchant on your gift card for a list of exchange sites that offer you the most money. The popularity of the card usually determines how much you can make from selling your gift card.

Regift the Card

If the refund policy offered by a particular gift card issuer isn’t cool with you, re-gifting it to someone else is the best way to recoup a good number of the value of the gift card.

This may not help you to recover the actual value of the gift card, but it lets you gift someone else.

Donate them to Charity

As unwanted as a gift card may be to you, a charity may find it useful. Your unwanted gift cards can suffice for cash gifts.

Donating your gift cards instead of cash gifts also lets you get more benefits in the form of a tax write-off. The face amount of the card determines the tax-deductible.

 Buy Items with the Gift Cards that You can Sell

 If you cannot redeem the gift card, try buying popular items from the issuer. You can then sell these items on online shopping sites.

You won’t get the actual value of the item you’re buying, but you can recoup some of the value of the card.