Study Tips for a Real Estate Student

Transitioning into a new career is exciting and full of promise, but it also takes some serious hard work. As a real estate student, you’re looking forward to the opportunity to make money doing something you can enjoy. Before you get to that point, you have to pass your licensing exam. It can feel scary, but if you’re properly prepared, you’ll conquer any anxiety, along with the test itself. These four tips can help you on that road.

Check the Dates

A lot of the best advice for a real estate student is generic to any kind of studying. Look for study guides. Ask for advice from people who have already done it. Don’t procrastinate. You get the drill.

There are some things specific to real estate licensing. A lot of those issues are tied to the fact that laws are updated fairly frequently. As a result, the test changes frequently as well. What this means for your studying is that you need to double-check the dates on any study materials you use. If they don’t match the date range for your exam, you could be creating unexpected problems. Outdated materials can lead to incorrect knowledge and even hurt your score on the licensing exam.

Take Practice Tests

Once you double-check your dates, there are a few practices that tend to yield the best results. Proven study guides and real estate classes are reliable tools to help you prepare. Practice tests are also valuable, and they can supplement whatever course you’re using as a prep. In fact, you can get a free real estate practice exam quite easily. You can use it to see how you’re doing.

Just as importantly, you can use the practice test to help prepare your mentality for the licensing exam. You’ll get a feel for the style of questions in the exam. You can also time your practice tests to get comfortable working under pressure.

Study What You Don’t Know

That advice sounds pretty useless out of context, and it’s generic, but there’s an important point here. You use study guides and practice exams specifically to see where you’re weakest in the tested material. There’s a strange thing that happens with people (especially when they’re nervous or stressed) that leads them to focus on their strengths. When it comes to tests, that’s not usually the best path forward. You’re using study resources to find out what you don’t know. You then have to double down on the weak areas to master real estate knowledge and fully prepare for the exam.

Make a Plan

After all of that effort to figure out what you need to study, it’s worthless unless the studying really happens. It’s easy to make informal study plans. A loose, flexible study schedule feels promising. You’re a busy person. The problem is that nebulous schedules are rarely followed. You need a concrete study plan, including an ironclad schedule. Sticking to the plan will ensure that you put enough time and energy into your studies. If you follow the plan, you’ll be prepared, and you’ll get that license.