Stop Sign Car Accidents

Most of us have run a stop sign without having a second thought about it—at least once. Or, maybe it happened by accident. Thankfully, many of these incidents don’t ever have a bad outcome. However, stop signs are there for a reason. Stop signs are there to ensure that people don’t get hurt.

When an accident happens as a result of running a stop sign or a red light, injuries are likely to happen. Stop sign car accidents are scarily common, and if you were a victim of an accident, you are probably up to your neck in medical bills.

We understand that accidents happen. That’s why we at the law offices of Scott Senft make a point of helping people navigate through the legal system and work to maximize their chances at a positive outcome.

Multi-Car Stop Sign Accidents

Sometimes, figuring out who’s at fault isn’t such a clear-cut issue. When multiple cars are involved, it can be hard to determine who is liable for the damages. Things get even stickier when you have a three- or four-way stop intersection.

When drivers show up at a four-way stop sign intersection, it’s expected they’d take turns in the same order as they arrived at the intersection. In court, trying to determine who is at fault often means figuring out who got to the stop sign first, and if the driver in question even stopped.

General Stop Sign Accident Laws

An accident injury lawyer who is acting on behalf of the plaintiff needs to show that the defendant didn’t act in a way that would ensure the safety of others around them. What this means is that they will need to prove that:

  • The defendant didn’t fully stop at the stop sign. This is the most common proving point in a car accident case involving a stop sign. Florida law requires drivers to come to a full stop at a stop sign, regardless of who was there.
  • The defendant didn’t signal, or otherwise neglected Florida state road laws. A car accident lawyer worth his salt will try to do whatever they can to determine whether or not state laws have been followed. If they weren’t followed, it’s safe to say that driver negligence has been at play.
  • The plaintiff suffered an injury and/or financial loss as a result of the accident. Though this could also bleed into car accident insurance lawsuits, the fact is that it’s still a crucial point to prove in a stop sign accident lawsuit.
  • The defendant (or defendants) in question is liable for damages as a result of the crash. Defendants can include the driver, car insurance companies, as well as other individuals who may have contributed to the accident.

What Kind Of Evidence Is Used In A Stop Sign Crash Suit?

An accident lawyer can use many different sources of evidence to win a car accident suit for both the defendant and the plaintiff. The most common forms of evidence involved in car crash suits involve:

  • Dash Cam Footage. If it’s available, dash cam footage can be one of the most defining pieces of evidence that a lawsuit can have.
  • Medical Records. Medical records that involve damage from the car accident are a must if you want to recover damage from injury-related costs. In many cases, your lawyer may need both medical bills as well as statements from doctors proving that the damage was caused by the car accident.
  • Eyewitness Testimony. Anyone who saw the accident will most likely need to be subpoenaed for the case, too.
  • Police Records. Police and other first responders may also be called to the courtroom as witnesses.

Who Is Held Liable During A Stop Sign Crash?

This can vary, but most cases will have lawyers pursue both the driver and any car insurance companies involved. This is done to ensure that all parties that are legally liable for the crash will be held to their part of the loss recovery.

Why Shouldn’t I Represent Myself During A Stop Sign Accident Lawsuit?

This is a classic mistake that can easily cost you your court case. You should never try to file a lawsuit or defend yourself from a suit in court without the help of a lawyer. Laws regarding car accident liability are extremely complex, and often require years of study to fully understand.

When you attempt to represent yourself, you’re not just going in without any knowledge or experience. You’re also increasing the amount of time you’re going to have to spend filing papers, compiling evidence, and going to court for paperwork.

Generally speaking, it’s not a good idea. Lawyers help in more ways than you could ever imagine.

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Stop sign accidents are some of the most common vehicular accidents in America. If you have been injured in a car accident, or are concerned about being held liable for a stop sign injury, you need to have a personal injury lawyer represent you in court.

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