Some Key Factors in Choosing Industrial Blending Equipment

If your industrial processes require blending, choosing the right equipment is crucial. Your organization should gather and summarize your requirements so that you can evaluate the blending solution that’s best for your needs.

Define Process Flow

The type of materials and volume of the batches being blended are important factors in choosing the right solution. Blenders can come with different grades of steel and adjustable rpm rates for standard and heavier-duty operations. You should look at how materials enter into the mixing process, any additional processes that need to happen and how the products need to be discharged. A ribbon blender, for example, can discharge the product at the center bottom or the end of the machine, as well as in multiple places. A good consultant can help you assess your needs and assist with any custom solutions.

Research Industry Standards

It’s important that your blending or mixing solution support any industry standards for your products, such as good manufacturing processes, also known as GMP. Blending equipment should have the correct surfaces and access for cleaning to meet those standards. Ribbon blenders, for example, can have sanitary safety grates and low bacteria finishes. Another item to consider is whether the materials need to be kept at a specific temperature since systems can be outfitted with heating and cooling jackets.

Assess Operating Costs

In addition to assessing the initial investment, you should calculate the price per pound to operate the system. Having a solution that’s tailored to your requirements can help ensure energy efficiency. Maintenance costs are also important to evaluate, so it’s important to look at the average projected costs for the equipment you’re considering.

Whether your company is blending paint, stucco, pharmaceuticals or other materials, you can find an effective process solution by identifying your company’s needs and making sure the equipment you purchase meets those needs.