Selling your gold Jewelry for its Weight

With the price of gold going high and the cost of living soaring as it has these past couple of months, more people are looking for ways to make some money and selling gold jewellery for cash has become more popular. The beauty about gold jewellery is that even if it’s broken, it still has value and there are plenty of gold dealers willing to pay good money for it.  You don’t necessarily need to have the highest quality gold for it to be sold, the amount of money you can get depends on the weight of your gold.

Selling gold jewellery to cash for gold buyers is easy. You don’t really need much. You need a bit of knowledge about purity, follow the spot price get a good scale and find a reputable buyer to sell to.

Anyone can sell their unwanted, unused and broken gold jewellery with very little effort.  Find out how to sell yourjewelry for weight value.

Gold and other precious metals aren’t weighed the same as other things. Most items are weighed by the ounce. One ounce is equal to 28grams.  The weight of gold and other precious metals is expressed as a unit called a troy ounce. One troy ounce is equal to 31,103  grams. It is important to keep this in mind when determining how much gold you have.

Cash for gold dealers will give you a price based on the gold content. This means that diamonds and any other precious stones won’t be factored into the final price. The best thing to do, if you believe your stones are worth something is to remove them from the jewellery. These you can try and sell to jewellers who buy second hand gemstones. When selling gold watches to a scrap gold or cash for golddealer, you will need to remove the inner parts, leaving just the gold frame. If you don’t have the tools to do this, you can take your pieces to a jeweler

When you sell your gold for weight to scrap gold dealers, you should know that it will be melted and refined to separate the impurities from the puregold; this is why diamonds and other embellishments don’t matter.

When you have removed all the stones you should then weigh the pieces. You need a good digital scale that is accurate.

Follow the spot price of gold.The price of gold is based on what the gold market terms as the “spot price”. This fluctuates a lot but it is published on most precious metal dealer sites as well as financial market publications. The spot price might be important, butmost golddealers will rarely buy gold at spot price. It is the price that banks and institutional investors who place large gold orders are expected to pay. For the ordinary man on the street, it is a good benchmark to gauge whether you are getting a fair price for the gold jewellery you are selling.

Find buyers who pay for gold by the weight. This is fairly easy because virtually all gold buyers are interested in the weight of your gold. Pawnshops also pay for the weight of your gold. Jewellers also buy used gold to fashion it into something new.

When it comes to Pawnshops, you can also negotiate the price. It is almost expected that sellers will haggle over the price but to do that you need to have an idea of what the best price should be. You can take your jewellery to different gold buyers to get a better idea of what your gold jewellery could be worth.