Security Guard Training Requirements

Requirements for Armed Security Guards You must first complete all the requirements for an unarmed security guard, before you can become an armed security guard. This will include completing your training and examinations as an unarmed security guard and then being deployed as an armed security guard. You must then complete the necessary training required for you to qualify as an armed security guard. This includes being trained in first aid, gun safety and first aid for children. You must also be a US citizen and have a valid green card in order to be eligible for employment as a security guard in most states.

Becoming an unarmed security guard does have its advantages though. For one, it is not mandatory for you to be trained in the use of deadly force. Many security companies prefer this because they feel it shows that you are not overly confident in your ability to use deadly force in situations where it might be necessary. There are also times when you may find yourself in difficult or dangerous situations where using deadly force is the only option.

Security companies that employ Guards also encourage participation in a training course even if you do not have an existing security guard business. It is important for Guards to have a background in their specific career field so that they are aware of any special legal or professional issues that may come up and will be better able to handle them when they occur. By participating in an 8-hour pre-assignment training course, you can become an expert in your particular career area.

Not all states require security guard jobs to be held by licensed security guards. In many instances, Guards are self-employed which means they are not subject to the same legal requirements as other employees. In some cases, however, Guards must have a valid security guard license in order to legally carry firearms. You should check your state’s regulations before attempting to obtain employment in any security guard jobs that do not require a license.

There are several different classes that you can take to meet your training requirements for armed guard jobs. The first class you can take is Basic Law Enforcement Security Guardry. This class is designed to teach you about all the legal requirements and ethical obligations that you have when it comes to working as a security guard in any environment. This course will also teach you how to perform your job duties in various emergency situations. Your final class will include an internship. This final class is designed to help you develop your leadership skills and prepare you to become a fully-trained, unarmed security guard in any number of situations.

Other than passing the Security Guard Training Exam, all successful applicants must also undergo an evaluation in order to ensure that they have the mental and physical capacity to safely complete the job. Applicants are evaluated on their knowledge, skill level, and fitness level relative to the job they are applying for. All armed security guard training requirements are based upon the job description of each job opening.

As part of your security guard training requirements, you will need to complete a certified weapons instructor course. To qualify, you must complete a 47-hour firearms training course with an approved provider. Some states require you to pass a test in addition to completing the course.

Armed guards are in high demand throughout the country. Due to this high demand, security guard training schools are easily accessible throughout the country. You can choose from numerous security training schools located throughout the United States. If your current employer does not hire guards, they are likely to know of several security training schools that are available to you.