San Antonio Water Heater Replacement

Whether you have an electric, gas, or even solar powered water heater, it is crucial for being comfortable in your home. Most homes use warm, rushing water on a daily basis. For everything for a comfortable shower, to clean dishes, and running the washing machine, you will need your hot water heater working in proper condition. You may use your water heater up to 20 times a day, so it is important to know when you need a San Antonio water heater replacement! When you take into consideration everyone in the house that uses the hot water heater, then you can see that it works hard every day.

Most water heaters will last between eight and ten years. If it is older than ten years, then you will probably want to replace it. Take a look at the warranty to get an idea of how long your water heater is supposed to last. Gas water heaters last for a shorter amount of time, with the average being 6 to 8 years.

Signs you need your water heater replaced

You can look at the water heater and see if it is giving any physical signs that it needs to be replaced. Take a look at the general condition of the outside of the water heater. Is there rust anywhere? If it is old and used enough to have rust on it, then you will want to get it replaced.

Another sign that your water heater may need to be replaced is if it is making any unusual noises. Noise can be caused by sediment buildup or physical damage to the water heater. Your serial number will give you an idea of how old your water heater is. The letter at the beginning of the number stands for the month of the year. For example, “g” is the seventh month of the year. The first numbers following the letter represents the last two digits of the year that it was made.

Also, look at the parts of the water heater. While steel is among the strongest materials on earth, rust can be its weakness. If a steel surface corrodes, the corrosion slowly spreads and will eat through the steel in certain spots. Water tanks and pipes made from steel that rust need to be replaced.

The water that comes from the water tank might appear to be rust. If rust appears in the hot water, it can be because of the tank or the pipes in it.

Finally, leaking can be another indication that your water heater needs to be replaced. You may see water appear around the tank on the floor. This can cause serious damage to your property, and you will want it taken care of immediately.