RV vs Boat Living – Which Is Right for You?

Is the call for adventure and exploration beckoning you to step outside of the box and embrace a new lifestyle? If so, how you achieve this dream on a full or part-time basis opens many paths. Two commonly compared lifestyles are the RV living versus life on a boat. Both are amazing routes, so we’ll do a side by side comparison of the two in brief.

Maintenance Factors

Life on a boat or on an RV is very different from traditional lifestyles. Either way you’ll need fuel to move about and your boat or travel trailer will need upkeep.

So how much cash will this set you back?

Gas will be less expensive on a boat, as traffic jams won’t guzzle down the juice and you’re not likely to really be going transatlantic. RV fuel costs will depend on the size and age of the travel trailer and how far you plan to go.

Lodging and Docking Costs

Boat docks and RV parks abound throughout the nation, but their costs vary substantially. Seasonally, expect to may during peak travel times in the region where you plan to stay. Off-season ‘parking’ for boats and RVs will be cheaper, and many marinas and travel trailer parks offer weekly and monthly rates.

Want a boat? Prepare to pay by the foot for an overnight slip to dock. If you’re staying long-term, some marinas charge ‘live aboard’ fees on top of rental fees. Got an RV? Expect to pay about $35—$50 a night for moderate amenities will full connections and hook ups. Either route you take, get solid insurance.

Entertainment Costs in an RV vs a Boat—What Costs?

When you have a boat or an RV, there’s always something to do, to see, and explore. You are bound to meet friendly people amid the communities of boater and RVers no matter where you go, so a support system and endless free entertainment is at your fingertips.

Regardless of whether you choose to sail the waters or become a road warrior, the costs are comparable…but what price can you put on adventure?